Saturday, September 24, 2005

Petey Update

I was working last night, so the first thing I did was check that Petey, our pet Japanese Fighting fish, was still in his bowl. When I had worked last, not only was Petey treated for constipation but he was also put in a new bowl with different rocks etc. They had thought this might help him with his sluggishness.

The good news was that he was still alive. The bad news was that he was lurking near the bottom of the bowl. A few of us were concerned that the new bowl was the culprit. Were the new rocks toxic? Was the concentration of chlorine remover incorrect?

When the person that had changed his bowl came in, everyone told her that she should change him back to his old bowl. She was not happy with the insinuations and said whoever wasn't happy with it, could change it themselves.

Concern grew. The fish bowl changer told me that the other women were blaming her. I reassured her that they were not blaming her, only trouble-shooting as trouble-shooting is an important part of our job.

Soon she was busy changing Petey's habitat back to the original.

Later, as Petey swam around, she said," I hate to admit it but he does look happier."


TC said...

Hello, Michele sent me. I hope Petey does okay now that he is back home.

Pearl said...

I haven't seen it myself but I could beleive a fish could look and be happier and less happy.

ribbiticus said...

hi, here via michele. hope petey is happier now that he's back in familiar surroundings. :)

Pearl said... is an inspirational screensaver you might like Carol.

Carol said...

Thanks for all the wishes for Petey's wellness.

Carol said...

Pearl, I checked the site out. Thanks for thinking of me.