Friday, February 03, 2006

Friendly Friday

Hi Friends of the Friendless.
I just have to say, wasn't that a party!!
But now back to doing what we do best- being the friendliest marching band around.

Before we start our march, there is something special I want to share with you. Mompoet, our kazooist, wrote this poem along with the help of some of the band. This girl is not only a poet , but a loads of laughs and philosophical too.

A poem for the Friendlies

I thought I was alone in this world
But you posted a comment
That burst my black bandaid bagpipes
With a theological dissection of
The Battle of the Boyne and its role in the invention
Of English Toffee band hats.
Just when I was thinking
I was the only dolt who didn't know
The difference between
You sent cotton candy kazoos and butterfly kisses
And posted your photograph of a strawberry
That looked exactly like Robert Preston
Only a little less juicy
And you told me
So I knew
I was not alone.

I imagined my existence as an Alaskan Wasteland
Ecologically unique, sure...
But who'd want to live there?
Then you linked my post about the crucifixion
And my theory that the Bowron Lakes
Are actually named for a Celtic drum
(partly because of the shape and partly because of the goats)
To your post about a song medley:
Babaloo, Seventy-Six Trombones, and Light My Fire
And the pivotal place these pieces played
In the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.
I don't know how to describe
The adrenalin rush
Of finding my
Bubbly fictitious ruminations seriously associated
With the work
Of the esteemed former Chancellor
Of Barbara Pepper University.
I mean, I practically had a
Vanilla fudge ripple wind chime moment
Right there in front of the french fries and hot chocolate
And I actually said (out loud)
"Yeah! that's me there. That's my life...YEAH!"

I thought I was blogging into the void
Hullabaloo-wanking to beat the oblivion band.
Sure, I knew
Jesus Christ wrote a song for everyone
But I was certain
My song had been done before
With more compelling references and a superior template.
I was a somebody to nobody
And a nobody to somebody
Who really didn't give two figs
Or one persimmon
(depending on the hemisphere)
So much that it hardly bothered me
That all I had in my flickr foldr
Was a picture of an empty paper bag.

Because of you
I'm re-writing my profile in the present tense.
I'm posting stream of consciousness
Who cares if it makes any sense?
You led me up the cyclone pathway
To the top of Blueberry Hill
Told me the secret of Sargent Pepper
Welcomed me to the Green Charlotte Islands
And licked the yellow sticky off all of my envelopes
Before I could seal myself up
To hide away from you.

You are my friends
My band of brothers
Salutation of sisters.
You put the flunder in Fridays
The scrabble in eggs
With the gs on a triple letter score.
All of those things that I thought before
Now I know they're not true.
But I don't take any of it for granted
Because it's once in a blue moon
That a person like me
Is blessed
To hang out on Fridays
With friendlies like you.

By and For my Friends of the Friendless Marching Band Brothers and Sisters
mompoet 2006

Wow! A round of applause for our very own, Mompoet.

Now, onto our featured site of the week which is Olharapo Artesnato! I like her blog because:
  • it is beautifully simple.
  • it is creatively inspiring. I have to find those crayons and play again.
  • of the photographs of the crafts she is doing.
  • her blog is in both Portuguese and English.
You just have to visit Photo-A-Day for a variety of photographic themes
and Terry of Terry's Timeout who enjoys travelling and her hippy boyfriend.

Leave comments as you march through...

Now, I know some of the boys in the band might want more macho blogs but I have only one thing to say to that-nominate some friendless blogs, men (and women, you too). Remember that friendless blogs are those that have few comments, less than 5/post.

are always available. I wrote some instructions on how to get them on your template so check it out.


Mango Lane said...

sniff. sniff. I think I`m gonna cry. That was beautiful, Mompoet.
To Photo-a-day, I really like the photography. The photos of the beach are so beautiful. The shots of the LA freeways are so unique in that even something as mundane as strips of concrete can have artistic merit.

puremood said...

I stopped by all 3 this morning :)

Barbara said...

Carol - Will you please help me get a few more votes in the Best So Far Blog Awards? Trying to Catch Up: Best So Far Blog Awards

I'll do the parade route soon!

nancy said...

Done my parade, was fun!

Can you please email me?

Carol said...

Of course. Tomorrow morning, I'll give you and Lazy Daisy star billing for the day.
Or in case anyboy is reading this, you must've heard of Barbara and Lazy Daisy. If you like these creative gals, then go and vote at
Best So Far Blog Awards

You are allowed 3 votes in each category.

sister celtic said...

wow mompoet that blew me right off my wow have guru tendencies, i'm surprised you don't have a bazzare are the next gaundi..giggle

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

it's Friday!!!!!!!!

Stephen said...

Wow, great poem.

I wasn't complaining, but I am on the lookout for some "man blogs". Heh. That just sounds funny. Anyway I'll try to nominate a couple.

mompoet said...

Carol, you have started a happy snowball that is rolling along, picking up good people and exciting ideas. Thank you so very much for your encouraging spirit. You model an attitude of curiosity and delight that is contagious in the best way.

Carol said...

Thank you dear wordsmith, Mompoet.

I can't wait to see who you nominate. Yes, the poem is a fun display of her skill. We have much talent in the band.

Don't you forget!

Thank you Sister Celtic for being a part of the band and that you appreciate the talents of others.

Good, I want you to have fun.

That's good, Puremood. I am glad that you are with us.


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, just made the march....what a diverse group this week. Great choices Carol.

Everytime I read Mompoet's poem I see something different that I never saw before....great job!

Chrixean said...

Visited all of them last Friday! :-)

Dave said...

Bit late, sorry! Visited exactly where I should have now though.

Carol said...

Late is okay!