Thursday, February 09, 2006

Buzz Does a Guest Appearance (Part III of The Buzz and I)

(Emcee addresses audience as the heart appears over the curtain: "Is everybody aware that Buzz is in actuality a ringing in Carol's ear? I thought not. Well now that you have been officially informed, don't go telling others that Carol is talking to herself. Thank you.)

Scene opens with Lucy sitting on the living room couch, chewing a fingernail with a faraway look in her eyes. A small mechanical toy monkey crosses the floor, doing cartwheels, followed by little Ricky doing the same.

Audience ooohs.

Lucy appears not to notice but catches Little Ricky in her arms. L.R. giggles.
Mrs Trumbull enters. "Little Ricky," she says as she puts his jacket on, " we are going to have fun at the zoo today." The two walk out the door.

Ethel enters the scene through the back door,"Lucy, are you home?" She finds Lucy still on the couch, with the same faraway look in her eye.
"Lucy, what's the matter?" Ethel looks closely at Lucy and snaps her fingers in front of Lucy's face.
"Don't do that, Ethel. I'm listening."
"To what, Lucy?"
"To this..."and Lucy, puddling up, sticks out her tongue to reveal a fly sitting on it. A close up reveals it is Pepito the Clown on a little tricycle. "Bzzzzzzzzzz!"
"Now, we mustn't let Ricky find out," Lucy speaks quietly to Ethel. Ethel's eyes bulge.

Scene at the Tropicana Nightclub.
Ricky is practicing with his band. The number is Forever Darling.

Back to the Ricardo living room.
Lucy is standing on her head while Ethel tap dances around her.
"Is he still there?" Lucy asks and sticks out her tongue. Pepito is peddling furiously.

"Stop, I can't bear to do this to Lucy, Buzz. I'd rather let her pratfall into her make believe fantasy than break it to her. Look at her. I love her, Buzz."
Buzz, his Pepito makeup starting to drip down his face, looks up and says, "And you think I don't? Keep going!"

I can't bear to write it all down except to say that when Lucy finds Ricky with the showgirl, it disturbed me greatly.
Then I had hopes that after their marriage counselling in the next episode that everything would work out but unfortunately, during that last season they parted company. Lucy got custody of Little Ricky and Ricky got to see him Mondays and Tuesdays.

The pie fight at the end was a classic way to end the episode though. Pepito got pied twice.


Jennifer said...

I hope this post does not mean what I am thinking it does. I nearly cried reading it.
Thankfully, I'm kind of dense sometimes, so perhaps this doesn't mean what I think it does. Perhaps you're being deep and I'm just uncomprehending, as usual.
I hope.

Carol said...

No, it doesn't mean what you think it means. Hubby and I are fine, really.
Its just Buzz trying to get me to face reality even within my favorite sitcom.

Jennifer said...

*whew*! That kind of stuff is *NOT* fun!
Now that you have explained it, my little brain is slowly starting to connect it all!! :D

Barbara said...

It's sad when marriages dissolve, especially those with children.

Carol said...

Thanks Barbara,
There is so much damage all around. If I can admit this then I might grow in patience when life is not the way I want it to be and when people are not the way I want them to be.

mompoet said...

Carol, way to go for putting your "buzz" to work for creative and expository use! I hope that you can also convince "Buzz" to do some housework, pay some bills, and maybe write some delicate haiku for your enjoyment.

Carol said...


zeb said...

Buzz sounds kinda scary
He could be a cult leader
or even a Iraqi
Be careful

Carol said...

Buzz is only promoting the facing of reality and sometimes that is scary but don't get paranoid on me now.