Monday, February 13, 2006

Is It Safe to Stretch Before You Warm Up?

Quiz Tamperer has been apprehended. The Olympian's Quiz is functional, I repeat, the Olympian's Quiz is now functional.

While the "other" Olympians do their stuff in Torino, Italy, Olympians from around the world gather to train for next year's Blog Olympics at Barbara's place on February 15, 2006. What did they learn from the previous Olympics? Do they remember how to flex their digitorum profundus?

To see if training camp is for you, take the following quiz:

  1. In preparing for the longevity medal...

  2. you go back and add a few years onto your archive.

    you keep on blogging.

    Aw, you think what's the point, I'll never win and leave.

    you are distracted by the sunny day and go for a stroll.

  3. In preparing for the frequency of updates medal...

  4. you forget more frequently.

    you post one sentence at a time. hehehe.

    you post whenever the urge hits you.

    after you lost in this event, you left your blog in limbo.

  5. In preparing for the number of comments medal...

  6. realize you are friendless and join the FFMB.

    you coast on your seventy plus laurels.

    you choose other identities. hehehe

    you deny that you are friendless.

  7. In preparing for the most out links medal...

  8. you link to someone in every second word.

    you refuse to link because this is all about you.

    you can't understand what linking means and don't care.

    you have fun linking pertinent blogs to your posts.

  9. In preparing for your internet presence medal...

  10. you eagerly wait for the instructions on how to improve.

    you don't want your former inmates to find you anyways.

    you sign up to everything, anywhere.

    you can't believe that score. Something must be wrong here.

  11. In preparing for the medal for least errors...

  12. you inadvertantly delete your entire blog.

    you hire a web page specialist.

    you make sure that your original template is saved.

    you like your blog as it is.

  13. In preparing for the Blog Olympic training camp...

  14. you reread the back issues of Lazy Daizy's news reports.

    you tremble in your mukluks.

    you forget when the start date is and miss the first few events.

    you have some plans for espionage in mind.

7-10 You are not ready for the Blog Olympics but you could use the training to bulk up.
11-17 You are an easy going and non-competitive blogger. You might learn something, you might not but like to play along.
18--21 You want to win, at all costs. Yikes! You will definitely make the camp newsworthy... I mean interesting.
22-28 You have what it takes to go right to the top and will get the most out the training camp.


puremood said...

hehe... I'm glad you posted this because while I'm pretty swell (or was) at the Blog Olympics I totally forgot the training starts this week LOL

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, I loved it....purely brilliant! I scored a zero! Guess I'd better stick to reporting. Great Post Carol!

Fred said...

I hate taking a quiz without the answer sheet. It's the teacher in me...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Carol, you don't have an email on here, so I'll write to you here -- we found out today that we're going to have our FOURTH child! This is a complete shock to us -- the 3 we have now are 10, 4, and 1 (all of them were planed and needed shots and medicine to do it!)
Any way, I felt like telling you this since I think of you as a friend (as well as all the other band guys)
ps - in a few weeks I'm turning 40 -- I think I'm going to change my name to Abraham!

Carol said...

J. Abra..Andrew,
I am so happy for you-yippee!

Su said...

I was going to say I got 21/28 ... but who cares now, Abe's gonna have a baby!!! Congratulations, and hope you'll have many more!

mar said...

25/28, not only I like quizzes, I like games, I plainly love blogging!

Killired said...

love the quiz! I'm trying to get one up on my site but it won't display the results correctly!!!!

I got 21/28 on yours! I'm gearing up for this... soooooo excited!

Jennifer said...

I scored a 12. What a fun quiz!!!

Scouser said...

I'm not enrolled but scored 22/28, what should I do??

craziequeen said...

20/28 - pretty good for a greenhorn.......

now if only I could work out when 10pm EST is here in the UK........ [looks helplessly at watch]


Carol said...

Hi everybody,sorry for the earlier problems with the quiz scoring system.
I'm just glad the culprit was caught.

Glad that you were reminded! You wouldn't want to miss out on this opportunity to improve your blogging skills.

Lazy Daisy,
I hope you are able to redo this quiz.
Are you up on the details of this quiz tamperer? If not, talk to me later.

It sounds more like the che...ah, cheetah in you. (All that evolutionary talk has got to me)
Are you signed up for the training camp?

You don't care!!

You are going to love camp!

Regarding the faulty quiz results: it sounds like there might be a ring of quiz tamperers in the vicinity. We better inform Barbara,IOBC Chairperson.

You should join the fun at the first ever Blogging Olympics Training Camp!

Crazie Queen.
You'll enjoy causing a stir at the camp, all right. Have a blast!

Oh, Barbara has a countdown clock on her site so all time zones will know when training starts.

mompoet said...

Hi Carol, I got 24 out of 28. I'll have to think about signing up for that training camp.

Veronika said...

That was fun! I'm ready for training camp!

used*to*be*me* said...

I got 23/28. I guess that means I'm ready for training camp. I'll be kicking some blogger booty next year. ha okay, if I remember!

Carol said...

Yah, do, Mompoet!

Hi Veronika and Keb,
Hope to see you there!

Beckie said...

Hi Carol! Lazy Daisy sent me! I scored 19/28. Is that good enough?

Carol said...

Join in the fun,Becky,
That is a great score for making the Blog Olympics an intriguing place to be.

sister celtic said...


Ahhnold pumpkinheader said...

20 of 28
yah we really know how to party!

Carol said...

Sister Celtic,
Do you really think you are going to get away with saying that you don't have a great blog??

Ahhnold Pumpkinheader,
Wow, I like your moniker!
See you at camp...