Friday, February 17, 2006

Friendly Friday

Welcome FFMB!
Before we begin our Friendly Friday march, I thought it would be nice to look at the origins of our band. Most of you will remember that the band originated on an "I Love Lucy" episode called " Lucy's Last Birthday."

Lucy was feeling dejected because her husband, Ricky, supposedly forgot her birthday so she went for a walk to be alone. While she was sitting on a bench, hiccupping because that is what she does when she cries, the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, chances upon her. They mistake her for a drunk and in need of help. They invite her to join the band. Even though they were misled by her hapless appearance, they meant well and thus started a tradition here at "A Revision" of visiting the apparently friendless blogs and inviting them to be a part of our band.

In the original band, individuals were asked to witness to what the Friends of the Friendless Band did for them. I asked the trombonist and instrument repair man, J. Andrew of Past Tense, to stand up and say a few words about the FFMB.

Last Summer I started a blog - mainly for me to have a way to collect some of my poetry. I never dreamed that it would become such a big thing to me!
I don't know if someone nominated me, or if Carol ran into me, but I remember the day I got the comment telling me that I had been invited to be a part of the "band."
What happened was that I quickly became friends with many people that I never had seen before.(and probably never will) It was amazing how fast that you felt like you really knew the people.
Being in the group, I then felt more confident to meet other people around the world.
My poetry went toward Japanese themes, such as haiku, tanka, and haibun. I've had work published in two different journals, and have many plans for the future.
I have to say that I wouldn't have taken those steps without the experience that I had in the "band."
It will always have a soft spot in my heart and I'm looking forward to what we do next!
Andrew Lockhart

Thank you Andrew.
Andrew is an integral part of the FFMB. He is a regular visitor to the other band members' blogs as well as the Friendly Friday sites. Then he fixes all the broken instruments on his own time at no charge. What would we do without him?

I will be asking different members of the FFMB to help me out on other Friendly Fridays, so be on the watch.

The featured site of this Friendly Friday is Ben-Gal of A Particularly Persistent Point of View . I like that ...
  • she is talking to the dark side of her psyche, Tiger.
  • Tiger holds his character throughout the blog.
  • she has interesting topic headings such as blogging and computers, creativity, health and well-being and more.
  • I can't help but imagine how interesting it would be if Tiger met Buzz!
Visit Wandi. She is a Canadian blogger who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, so dress warmly.
You'll enjoy Theresa and Dom's Photoblog as well. They are the first couple to be in the friendless march.

Do you have your banner?
I need more friendless sites to visit!

For those wondering how the band works:
To join the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, leave a comment stating that you wish to join then choose any instrument you like. (ability isn't an issue for this cyber band) We have two piano players, a harpist, trombonist and french horn player plus a variety of more so you get the idea that any instrument is possible.
On Fridays, the band meets to visit the chosen friendless sites which I list. Leave friendly comments for our honored recipients. Let them know that you are from the FFMB.
Get to know other band members. There is sure to be someone you can connect with.
Nominate friendless sites. They can be bloggers you know or ones that you come across in your blog surfs. Think unique. These sites have less than 5 comments/post. Leave me a comment with their address.
Have fun.


Mango Lane said...

This comment is for Wandi as I was unable to leave one at her site. I really like the look of her blog. She definitely comes across as one who truly loves her family. Her grand-daughter is such a cutie!

Pearl said...

It's a snowday. I'll swing thru this time. A quiz you might like Carol. How about Body Impolitic. It usually has a couple commenters. or, this one from England:

Pearl said...

Or how about who sometimes blogs in English and is a new dad.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm glad you found it, Carol, I couldn't remember what I had said!

wandi said...

I would like to be a part of FFMB. So cool. I think I can play the flute.

Imran said...

Hello Carol,

Alex from "Life & The World" just started blogging and left a message on mine. He feels, observes and asks for people's opnions. Would be interesting to respond. His link below:

Have a good weekend.

-R- said...

Hey, I participated this week too. Better late than never. It was fun!

Carol said...

Thanks for the sites.
I got a degree from the Blogging University in Attention Seeking and Bad Poetry! I don't think I'll post that though, don't want everyone to know. ;)

I'm really pleased to have another Westerner on board. Welcome!

Thanks for the submission! Now I have 3 for next week.

Sister Celtic,
I'm waiting...

Carol said...

Late is okay.

Do you wanna join?

puremood said...

I visited those sites (a tad late! Oops)

Kathy AKA Ben said...

(fifth attempt -comment wouldn't take four times so far)
Maybe it was too long! Longer version at PPP of View:

I'm joining the Friends of the Friendless band.
I've decided to play the flute, even though Wandi has just taken it.
I think this will be fun!
Thanks again to Carol.
I'm joining!

Pearl said...

You might also be interested in (not for the band but just general reading) on Christian beliefs.

Carol said...

Its okay PM. Glad to see you!

We are happy to have you as a new member, Kathy aka Ben. Do you want to be called Ben-gal, Kathy or the combo?

Thanks Pearl.

Artpuppy872 said...

I really think that your blog is very fasinating! I also have a blog! It has poems and stories on it! Visit at Email me or write a comment if you like it or what you would change! Enjoy!
Sincerly, Artpuppy94

-R- said...

I would love to join. I shall play the tamborine.

Kathy said...

Carol asked: Do you want to be called Ben-gal, Kathy or the combo?

Kathy thank you.
I began my blog as Ben, thinking it was cool to write under a pseudonymn, but as time went by I saw that I couldn't write as a guy. I still "use it" on my blog - but I don't hide that I am a female and my name is Kathy.
Thanks for asking.
Looks as though I've got a lot of reading to do. I'm starting with Andrews.

Carol said...

Nice to meet you!

Yay for -r-

Kathy it is.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Carol, guess I'm bringing up the rear of the march. I did get everywhere. I thought Andrew's "testimonal" was nicely done. Still on the look out for Barbara...thanks for the heads up!

Carol said...

I am glad you made it, Daisy.

Barbara had left the field, last I saw, but I talked to the farmer and he saw her heading further north. The funny thing was that she had a sign that said, "Can or Cun. Something like that..."