Monday, February 06, 2006

Nebula in Crayola


jane said...

This is beautiful!

I got your message about the html code & I need you to go to & apply for our webring. There will be an html code at that page.
Feel free to email me @ if you need any help. I'm more than happy to help.

Bad Alice said...

This makes me want to join my girls in coloring.

Chrixean said...

i love this! it's a day brightener :D

Carol said...

Thanks Jane. It was fun.
And I got the ring!

Get the crayons and go for it, Bad Alice. Enjoy the feel, the smell, but don't eat 'em.

Thanks Mom-to-be, Chrixean,
It is a universe brightener, actually or a facsimile of sorts.

Pearl said...

That is so pretty.

Carol said...

Sure, encourage me and see what happens.