Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Introducing Buzz (Part I of The Buzz and I)

The Buzz in my ear listened as I thought aloud, "What do you think this blog reporter friend of mine should write about?"
There is no answer for a long time, I assume there isn't any interest in my blog friend's dilemma until I hear a clearing of the throat and a deepening voice answers, "How about that China is going to be the next super power?"
This is a segue into a long political rant. I try explaining that the blog reporter just wants to be funny but I am not heard.
"Did you understand?" Buzz asks at the end of the soliloquy.
"Yes," I reply seriously and sense that the listener is satisfied until I laugh, "I've heard it a few times before, you know."

"You have got to stop writing as if the world is a Lucy episode," Buzz wants me to live in the real world with real conflicts and real tragedies.
I nod and continue to plan the next Friendly Friday, intent on ignoring the ringing in my ears.


Lazy Daisy said...

Whoa! Point well taken..

He shoots, he scores!

Carol said...

Don't be alarmed,Lazy Daisy, Buzz speaks bluntly in my ear.

Barbara said...

There are plenty of people blogging about China, spread cheer!

Carol said...

Oh, can't the two ever meet?

Su said...

But the world is a Lucy episode.... isn't it?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

it's nice, though, to have a place you can go to and have a good time -- not having to worry about the world (we do that the rest of our time)

Su said...

True, true Mr Lockhart. The world is sinking into the mire. We are to 'Watch and Pray'. So, glad to be here amongst fellow watch'men/women' and pray-ers. Gotta 'spread cheer', Barbara has spoken.

Rhiannon said...

I like your "pondering" Carol, they are very valid and true. Kind of sad to think about just "watching" it pass you by when maybe just a little effort on everyone's part might make a world of difference. Like even just a smile to stranger or a hello you know? Its amazing the difference it might make to just that one person you smiled at today. You never know! People make change and a difference not the politicians really. Just my opinion. Reducing stress and having fun are one thing, and I love and need it a lot too!..but being "comfortably numb" is another..so lets acknowledge..find a balance?

Ooops! Did I spoil the party Carol?..;-)I don't like being a party pooper but I do like being real..Hey lets all be REAL? What ya think?


Carol said...

Hi Su
part 1
I think it is a wish...

J. Andrew,
The question is do I spend more time dealing with reality or more time hiding from it?

part 2
Spread cheer, indeed, but I like the way Rhiannon put it, not to the point of become so "comfortably numb" that we expect it. Art is not only for cheering but for waking up as well.

I love to be silly and have a good laugh too but the truth about who I am (who those around me are) and what obstacles I (we)may have to deal with grounds me for whatever does happen in this lifetime. Buzz isn't the enemy; he is my teacher.

Rhiannon said...

I think thats great Carol, Buzz sounds like a cool teacher! I've heard it said many times that maybe its not the answers but the questions we ask that help set us free and that we learn and grow from. Make any sense? Say hi to Buzz for me!:-)


David said...

i worry - are you taking all the right meds? wow - you are a terrific writer, I wish I was a betetr reader.
Luv u !

Carol said...

I am okay!
I just have to explore different ideas sometimes, in different ways otherwise I might become bored.