Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On a lighter note...

Raehan, FFMB accordionist, is having her one year bloganniversary party. Drop in and say hi.

Sister Celtic,creator of the above heart design and cymbalist of the FFMB,has a new art competition on. Winners will be announced Valentine's Day.


Shelli said...

And I came here from Raehan's party to say, "Hello, again!"

Su said...

Sorry to pick on you, but could you tell me, pleeeezzzz, the secret of putting your links into your blog as part of the text. Haven't figured that out as yet..Looks so much neater.

A million Billinghay thanks ;-)

Carol said...

Hello, Shelli. Good to see you again.

Gladly Su.
When creating a post, write as you will. Wherever you want a link, highlight that word or phrase by clicking and dragging the mouse over it.
Then press that green icon, which is the insert link button. A box will pop up where you insert the url of the site you want to link to.
In another window, go to that site separately and copy the url then past it into that box.
Exit out of that box and voila.
Let's see how you do.

mar said...

I will check out those links, a party sounds good! Thanks for visiting my Thursday 13 , yes, you can choose anything to write about. They can also be just random things or thoughts, whatever. It is a lot of fun!

Carol said...

Hi Mar. Thanks for letting me know.

puremood said...

oh I went to be a part of the party! :)