Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There's a Buzz in my ear (Part II of The Buzz and I)

I was sitting in the armchair, content as can be, until the buzzing began in earnest.
"Buzz, I think the Lucy episodes are a closer look at reality than you think," I speak to the empty room.
"Yeah, right," I can tell that Buzz is feeling skeptical and grumpy which fills the room with a steady "Hummph!" Buzz knows I want to explain but like a child, I wait for the listener to ask, "What?"
"Lucy and Ricky were the happiest couple on tv but in their real lives their marriage was falling apart. They acted while they lived out their unhappiness in silence. Look at them, no one would ever have known their misery. That, my dear Buzz, is reality."
Then while we contemplate this, I look out the window at the rows of picket fences that run throughout the neighborhood. "Oh! It is time to put on Oceanescapes," I reach for the CD which soon drowns out Buzz's reply.


Pearl said...

Would a Bible rap help that buzz? Baby's Got Book by an evangelist DJ. My words just couldn't do it justice.

Su said...

This needs to be on the same frequency as Buzz. Do you know what the frequency is? Can someone find out? Bit like those things you can plug in to disperse mice - 'ultra sound' waves...
What would Lucy do?

Carol said...

Buzz is not a rapper.

What would Lucy do?
Good question. I think she would say, "

sister celtic said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm getting confused with this Buzz thing -- is this a place, website, your thoughts, etc. I hope you're ok, because this is sort of depressing --

Carol said...

Oh, you guys. I'm okay.

"The Buzz and I" is about facing reality which can be depressing. Buzz is a character in this story, to be precise, that irritating ringing in my ear who is teaching me to face reality and not live in a fantasy which may be happy but is not real.

J. Andrew,
Your haiku encompasses the beauty and reality of life for I detect sadness as well as the desire and ability to cope with it. Perhaps this knowledge is a result of your brain injury.

Sister Celtic,
You too have survived some rough years. Don't you think that these hard times have taught you that life isn't a bed of roses and to handle it one day at a time? It doesn't mean that life can't be fun. There is a time for everything.

Su said...

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Time for absolutely anything. There will be a time for Buzz to leave. Are you okay with that?

Carol said...

I've been to the EN&T specialist and he said the Buzz will be around for a year or two at the least.
I don't mind, I'm getting used to him.

Su said...

What's a year or two in God's time? Keep praising anyway. You will have an insight into totally different lives now... some of whom don't cope with Buzz very well.

When I was talking to Asha about Buzz, she said.... 'Ah, that's what Ludwig had. It says so in this book..' Ludwig Beethoven, she means. You're in excellent company!

Carol said...

Ludwig,eh...and William Shatner too. This could be an interesting couple of years.