Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We Learn

After all the kids had left for school, I received a phonecall from my eldest.
"Mom, promise me you won't freak out!"
This is not the kind of call I like to receive but keeping calm, I asked what the problem was. After she was realized that I actually was not going to freak out, she told me what the catastrophe was.
I found the missing appliance and she hung up, both of us being surprised by my cool response.

This evening, she says to me, "Don't freak out!" Again, once she sees that I am calm, she tells me about her broken $100.00 calculator. She reassures me that everything has already been worked out and tells me the saga of her broken calculator, the money she saved to replace it and how one was found on on e-bay through the help of a friend.

We both marveled at this new communication tool. She found a way to snap me out of my conditional response to problems.

Gotta love her!


Anonymous said...

A good mother you are. Would you be as cool and collected with your Number One daugher if she threw away something brand new?

(I threw away two pairs of new pants I bought two days ago by accident)

Thanks for coming by and listening to the music. And your thoughts on Mr. Coffee is also appreciated.


moira said...

Reminds me of something I have learned to ask myself recently: "Are you reacting or responding?" Kids can teach the most incredible wisdom, if we are willing to listen and learn. It goes both ways.

cuz said...

My mom freaks out the second you tell her not to freak out. So it's best to just say what you got to say, so you can get the yelling and screaming overwith in a timely manner.