Friday, June 17, 2005

Not Another Day

"Rain rain go away"
I chant to the tempest
whose black winds threaten to stir
dark clouds into a torrent of self reproach

A bright remembrance briefly calms the skies
of a fair weather friend
who learned to forgive stormy backlashes
and to love nature and its peculiar fondness for change

"Rain, rain go away"
unless you promise me a deluge
of reasons why I shouldn't run from the worms
that you will draw out


cuz said...

I love it when it rains. I guess it's growing up in a semi dry climate and always wondering if there's gonna be a good wheat crop this year. Plus it saves on the water bill for my garden.

Carol said...

I appreciate your comments, Cuz.
Did you see the metaphor?

trisha said...

I did!

Wonderful poem. I am trying to face my worms now.