Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Looking For Solutions

Last week, I asked an elderly woman in the church,who is 85 yrs old, for advice on dealing with aging. She is partially blind and has a heart condition. She is a tough woman though. She and her husband rarely miss a service. Even if her heart is acting up, she will take a nitro and be there for the evening service.

Immediately she told me that she always has been active in sports. She used to ski and hike in the mountains. Up to five years ago, she bowled and this with a visual impairment.
At the next service, she told me she eats healthy and suggested whole wheat bread.

Then this last time, she said that she wanted to speak to me after service as she had been thinking deeply about my question. We stood close in the foyer and she drew me close to her side. I knew this was an honored moment as an aged friend passes on precious wisdom.

"Carol, hold on to your faith tenaciously." She comforted me with Job as her love for God glistened in her clouded eyes.

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