Tuesday, June 14, 2005


She is a valuable teacher
as she accepts her quietness
with calmness
and a joyful smile.

She is comfortable
as others take the spotlight.
She is a natural

She is the daughter
who shows me
the beauty of
being an introvert.

This poem was inspired by an article from a Chatelaine magazine article entitled Girlpower about women who learned from the girls in their lives.


cuz said...

The nonintroversive people, besides my family, that I meet don't even begin to understand me. They think that I am wasting my life somehow. Just as I think that they are wasting theirs. But to each his own. If you don't think that you're wasting your life, then your not wasting it. Though sometimes I feel that I am. And sometimes I do. But ultimately I feel that it will be all worth the while. For heaven awaits.

trisha said...


I am an introvert. No one in my family chose to learn anything from my gentle quietness.