Friday, June 24, 2005

Pretty Women I.2

The following is a fictional account

Marie thoughtfully mixed the colors. Glynnis was a level 6 with #10 highlights.
Today Glynnis would be receiving the full treatment, c/c, full leg waxing, brow and upper and lower lip threading and sixty minutes on the bed.
"Will you wear the safety glasses today."
Glynnis frowned as she did not like the lines they left.
"You know I am required by law to advise you to use them."
"Marie, don't you know that if you increase both the UVA and UVB to a nominal intensity, the light will travel vertically and be unable to infiltrate my horizontal exposure. There is no need for those silly goggles." Glynnis gestures added to the explanation of light travel.
Marie's own eyes dilated but she shrugged knowing to be convinced to put the goggles away.

Six hours later, after complicated instruction on color application and the fundamentals of good waxing technique, Marie and Glynnis hugged.
Glynnis was pleased that Marie had learned so much and Marie was pleased by the consolation for her lack of knowledge by a hearty tip.

Marie swept the hair and bleached the tanning bed, dreaming of another trip to the Bahamas.

copyright 2005


omen said...

very witty, as well as hilariously entertaining

zeb said...

This could be a great novel but you would need a different title.

oprah and rebert said...

Two thumbs up

Lulu said...

yeah true...I saw the title and wondered if I want to read it. As I read on, this novel actually is very compelling.

Carol said...

Thanks for the feedback. I changed the title to "Pretty Women." I like it better.