Thursday, June 23, 2005

Pretty Women I.1

This is a fictional account.

Marie did her morning meditation taking deep breaths as she looked out the window and thought of nothing but Glynnis. Her customers always came first and appreciated her friendly focus. It took hours to perfect the concentration but she learned that it guaranteed her clients' loyalty. The tips often reached 25% through her purposeful meditation. Her smile greeted Glynnis at the door.

Glynnis smiled down at the woman before her. The salon was private and specialized for the treatment she was accustomed to. She knew nothing but that she was beautiful and meant to be admired. Marie amused her although she knew that Marie had nothing to offer but the skillful attitude of a servant.

Their aesthetic ambitions were met through each other.

copyright 2005


trisha said...

Okay, yeah, I need more of this.



cuz said...

Still trying to wrap my brain around this segment.

moira said...

It's lovely to see you branching out a bit.