Tuesday, June 07, 2005

To Grow Poetically

I have been participating in the Blueline poetry forum's Perfect Day for Poetry. It felt good to be challenged to write a poem for 30 days. I enjoyed being around other poets and their work. There is a definite camaraderie at Blueline. The encouragement was much appreciated. These poems were to be rough drafts and not meant to be critiqued but I began to feel a desire for negative feedback after the 20th day.

Blueline also has two different levels of Critique workshops but neither was well attended. As a result I am going to try out another forum which encourages a lot of tough critique. I hope I am tough enough for it.

The following is one of my favorites from the 30 day session.

Empathetically yours,

a desire to touch
the marbled treasures of Florence
the smooth sculpted contours
of David's eye lids
under my fingertips

to see wild horses
racing the wind
eyes confidently meeting my gaze

to smell the flower
fresh and lilac under my nose

to taste a lunch again of pickled beets
deviled eggs made lovingly by my Mother
accompanied by sausage that could only
be bought at Ottenbreit's

to hear the voices
of my Mother
of my Father
calling me on the phone
Sunday evenings

I desire but cannot have

I understand you now


moira said...

I refuse to critique, but I can appreciate. You make lovely poetry.

Carol said...

Thanks Moira :)