Monday, June 06, 2005

A book meme

Jennifer got me again for a book meme.

1. Total number of books I own.
Somehow this sounds familiar to me.
I currently have 487 +/- 10

2.Last book I bought was Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom. I picked this up at the Co-op grocery store which has a donated book exchange. I routinely check it out whenever I am there.
I saw this documentary on television about a journalist who visited and interviewed Morrie who was dying from Lou Gehrig' disease.

3. Last book read:
I am currently reading a book written by a Christian woman I met on a Bible discussion group. I admired her honest frankness and her ability to express herself so well on-line. I am enjoying getting to know her more through her writing.
I feel an affinity to people that write. Certain similarities appeal to me, such as a social awkwardness acommpanied by hidden qualities of honesty, depth, humor etc. To get to know these people would probably be difficult anywhere else.

4.Books that mean a lot to me:
The Bible is the most precious book in my possession. It is the book most worthy of study and meditation.
I am also grateful for the songbook The Hymns for Worship which my children and I sing to.
And all those others on my bookshelf. They are beautiful as they wait.

5.Tag 5 people: As Jennifer, I don't like to make others feel obligated but there are a few I know that have a well stocked library as well like Candid Spirit, Cuz and Moira and anybody else that would like to join in.


Jennifer said...

Thank you for joining in! :) I would be interested in the book you're reading now. I am struggling now and in dire need of some inspiration!

cuz said...

Okay, I got tagged, so what am I supposed to do now. Like what are the rules or whatever.

Carol said...

You answer the questions on your own blog.
I'm new at this as well!
Have fun.

moira said...

I heard about Tuesdays With Morrie in an interview on the local public radio station, and have been wanting to read it. Maybe that's another one I'll pick up this summer.

Carol, I wanted to say thank you.