Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer 2005

I missed the first day of summer relaxation, but the second has sufficed. To celebrate its entry, I wore a special summer dress. It is flowered with yellow tulips, green foliage and purple splashes of various blooms. I describe the style as a "60's mom look" for every summer I put this replica on, I envision my Mom sitting at our kiddies' table set sipping lemonade in the shade. I feel motherly decked out and ready to enjoy the day.
A promise is kept to spend a delicious hour reading in the shade with an icefilled glass of soda.
The season has been heralded and more promises made.


k8 said...

one can never go wrong with bright florals, i always say.

Carol said...

K8-Although I have been known to wear bright florals, I should have used the descriptive "pastel" :)

cuz said...

I bet the summers are nice in Canada. They're boiling hot where I live. No need to celebrate the official first day of summer. It's felt like summer for a long time already.

Carol said...

Cuz-the summers are probably more appreciated here and when its not raining or snowing (rare but it has occurred in both summer months), the summers are fantastic.

trisha said...


Good stuff.