Saturday, June 18, 2005

Excerpt from a Life

June 20,1974
I took my art poster to school. During art I asked Miss Blaze if I had to hand it in to be marked. She said no but she had to look at it. So she did. I put it back on the shelf. After a while Janet told me that Dizdikowksi,Lambdon and Sam had my poster. I looked around and saw them tearing it up. Oh did I get mad. I said to Joe (Dizdikowski),"Thanks!" He stopped laughing. He kept on saying "James (Lambdon)did it." I was so mad, then I walked back to my desk. I could hear Joe mocking me. James brought me Joe's art folder and told me to rip it up.
"No thanks. I'm not as stupid as you are."

In the afternoon (the girls had) Industrial Arts instead of Home Ec. The boys were in there. Mr Dunham said one of the boys would help me. I said okay. Guess who he asked? Joe. I was thinking,"Oh boy!" But instead of complaining he said sure. I was so surprised. He helped me just about finish my table. I still can't believe it! He didn't call me names or mock me. He was quite nice.

After reading this entry thirty years later, I realized that by standing up to these bullies, I received their respect although it lasted only one day.


trisha said...

This entry is so cool!

I was proud for you, how you handled yourself while I read it. Still am.

Carol said...

I was pleased to have you visit.

I was proud of myself when I reread this journal entry today,too. Adults can be bullies so the lesson can still be applied.