Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pretty Women I.6

This is a fictional account. Please see previous entries.

Jolene started the long walk to Briarwood Estates, but her limp slowed her down so she rested on a bench at a bus stop. She saw Marie outside her house watering the geraniums and waved. Jolene was a regular at Marie's basement salon. Marie walked over, teasing, "Skateboard broke?" Then her mouth opened wide in alarm as she drew nearer and saw Jolene's blackening eye, bruised cheek and the skateboard actually broken on Jolene's lap. "What happened to you?" .
Marie sat down as Jolene told her tale.
"That sounds like Glynnis. She must've just left from her appointment. " her teeth clenched and her eyes glazed over. "I'll go get the car, I don't have another appointment for an hour."

They drove to the estate. Briarwood was immense and beautiful.
"Don't worry, I'll come with you," Marie comforted her shaking cohort.

They waited at the columned doorstep. Finally the door was opened by a old man, no less than ninety with coal black hair in a wheelchair.
Jolene held up her skateboard explaining the tale of a Mrs. Charleswood who ran into her this afternoon. "This cost me $62.50 out of my own money..." her voice quivered.
"Come in, come in."

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