Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pretty Women I.3

The following is a fictional account

Glynnis applied fresh rumbleberry lipstick to her threaded lips as she backed her blue BMW cabriolet out of the driveway. Unfortunately for Jolene who was speeding down the street on her green and black girl- skateboard at the same time.
Jolene lay stunned and speechless as Glynnis jumped out her vehicle, rumbleberry across the cheek, screaming at her total lack of skateboarding skills.
Jolene moved her limbs successfuly, felt gratitude for the helmet she had worn then slowly stood up to face the ranting woman.
"How dare you..." Jolene began a tirade of defense and accusation against the woman whom she discerned could afford it.
Glynnis agreed sympathetically, after noting that her cabriolet was unharmed and Jolene suffered only minor injuries.

Jolene wrote down her license plate.

copyright 2005


cuz said...

Rumbleberry across the cheek...good imagery. Did Jolene write down her license plate to perhaps turn her into the authorities or something?

Carol said...

Cuz-You'll have to wait and keep reading...

zeb said...

I really think you have something here. Perhaps it would be a good idea to look into copyright protection before you go too much farther, I truly see a novel in your writing

zeb said...

very subtle title