Saturday, March 19, 2005

Be A Sport

I will be attending a continuing education session at work next month about being an effective team member. In preparation for this, I watched a power point presentation.
I am from the old school of the traditional hierarchy where the boss had all the say. I have noticed a change in the last 10 years towards the desire for more independance in the work place. After watching this presentation, I better understand the company's direction in regards to team work. We have progressed past the traditional and even the independant level to the "Interdependant-Level Work Group." This means that employees work independantly but also closely co-ordinated with each other. As well, there is more involvement in the job process.
I actually can see that this type of work group can be very effective. Our team members rotate to the different roles in our department weekly. As a result, we are able to view our job from the various angles which leads to efficient co-ordination of the parts. At monthly meetings, the leaders do listen and are open to suggestions.
This system relies on the working of all its' parts, though. Complainers and cynics will hinder the process but perhaps the dedicated workers can spur them on. Optimism is also an asset.


Ambassador Zarkon said...

What are the cynics saying?

Carol said...

Hi Zarkon, Good to hear from you!!!

The cynics don't trust management. They doubt their sincerity.
Cynics think that it is pretentiousness for management to say it wants more employee participation. They can discourage the team efforts with their mocking.

I agree with the cynics that the probable motivation for the company owners is profit. Some management research team found that this "Interdependant-Level Work Group" approach provides better productivity, so it is being implemented.

So,it might seem a farce to the cynical but I see it working. It only works though if both middle management and the employees believe in it. By cooperating with each other, they will fulfill the owners desire which is to make a profit and have a measure of control in their work thus ensuring their job.