Thursday, March 24, 2005

Examining the Reasons for the Seasons

I am a Christian yet I do not celebrate either of the "holiest of days", Easter or Christmas. The concept that a Christian does not celebrate the Lord's birthday or His death seems strange but there is actually no commandment given for Christians to do so. The only day specified as important in the Bible is the Lord's Day. A memorial was instituted by Jesus to remember His death every week, not just once a year. This is the Lord's Supper and it is celebrated with unleavened bread and fruit of the vine with solemnity and faith, not with Easter eggs and ham.

I am not against traditions. These holidays have been an integral part of society centuries before Christianity even began. The problem started when well meaning men gave religious merit to these celebrations. If only they would have recognized that it is natural for people to want to celebrate life and each other. Then they might not have felt compelled to change the intent of the festivities to match the Christian story.

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