Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Regarding My Moose Haiku Tribute

Yesterday, I had written a haiku blog about my best girlfriend. It was my attempt at developing as a humorist. I had published it just before going to bed. I woke up this morning with the sickened realization that I had failed miserably with my comedic poem. Hurriedly, I deleted it and hoped that no nighthawks had passed through.
Being the pal I am, I also emailed this to my unsuspecting friend to see what her response was. I received a phonecall later that morning and she exclaimed with much glee, "That is the nicest thing anyone ever said about me." I was abit dumbfounded by that as I had extolled in my haiku the fact that she was NOT a moosehead.
After much laughter, I wondered if I should re-instate my poem after all but decided,"No!"
I received another phonecall from that same chum who said while she had the t.v. on as background noise, her attention was caught by a scene from "Kids in the Hall." This is a Canadian comedy troupe. In this skit, while soft Japanese music played, one of the guys attempted to write a haiku poem. It went like this:
" Ninety-nine bottles
of beer on the wall. Ninety
nine bottles of beer..."
I figure I must be on the right track with these humorous entries if top Canadian comedians are writing the same stuff.


cuz said...

Awesome, I found your blog. You ought to think about putting a tag board below your profile. Go to www.tag-board.com to sign up. It's free. All you gotta do is enter the link to your blog and then paste the code into your template wherever you want it. I'm glad that you read my blog and now that I've found yours, I'll be checking in now and again. I'll try and add your blog to my links section.

Carol said...

Great Cuz!