Monday, March 28, 2005

I Caught the Cold, Finally

I am a wimp when I am sick but the good side to this is that I allow myself to goof off, big time. I can rest, read, get out of doing anything or going anywhere. Surprisingly, I sometimes even look forward to being "under the weather."

I feel a guilt though during these times of recuperative care for when I was a youngster,I was overly fond of missing school. My Mom worked full time and I was left under the guidance of a big sister and a lax grandfather. Both of these caregivers discovered they could not force this stubborn 6 year old to obey so I was often left alone. I remember the happiness of having the place to myself until I realized that soon my Mom would be home.I placed my forehead on the warmth of the old cast iron wood stove.
As I received my licking, I cried for her to touch my forehead for proof that the day off was required.

No wonder I doubt my sincerity even today as my husband and children take off to visit the in-laws and I plan my recuperation.


moira said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. Your post makes me smile, though; I can relate to the guilt. My thoughts usually run along these lines: "Oooh, I'm miserable. But, well, how sick am I really? I'm sure I could be at work/school/running errands if I really wanted to. This is probably just another excuse to be lazy... Oooh, I'm miserable." I invariably take advantage of being under the weather anyway.

Carol said...

Thanks for the sympathy, Moira. I sure enjoyed the quiet day alone. I read and blogged and now I actually am feeling better. I am almost ready to face a real day tomorrow.

CS said...

Glad to hear (from your response above) that you're feeling better. When I was a kid, I could actually think myself into getting sick by acting that way long enough. "Mind over matter," I guess.

Carol said...

I was thinking maybe I caught your cold, sounds similiar!
Benylin's First Defense works wonders so far! (If the States has the same product, that is)