Friday, March 18, 2005

"Blessed Art Thou Among Women"

There is a meeting tonight for the women of our congregation. We will be discussing great women of the Bible.
As I wondered who I would include in the roster, Mary, the mother of Jesus, came to mind. She never gets mentioned though. I think everyone is too afraid of her deified Catholic position.
Mary found favor would God. I would think that this fact alone would create many a sermon, much like David who was a man after God's heart or John the apostle, whom Jesus loved. Mary found favor with God!
She was an obedient and humble handmaid. She accepted God's words that she would bear a son, although she was a virgin. Mary didn't laugh at God's plan as another great woman, Sarah, did in Genesis 18:12. She was a woman of faith who rejoiced in God's merciful plan of salvation.
Humility is also shown by her response to her cousin, Elizabeth's, proclamation of her blessedness. Mary immediately gave the praise back to God in a beautiful poem.
Besides her many righteous attributes, I personally admire the character trait shown in Luke 2:51. Scripture says that Jesus' mother " kept all these sayings in her heart." Mary treasured thoughts. She enjoyed thinking of life and God.
Mary is indeed a great woman in the Bible. There is plenty to learn from her godly example.

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