Friday, March 25, 2005

It is always the same

My husband and I had planned to see a movie today. We had some movie coupons for Cineplex theaters so we began the day trying to decide which movie.

Miss Congeniality2?- Well the first one gave me a complex about my eyebrows. My hairdresser talked me out of the wax job though.

BeCool?-Besides its two star rating, I just don't trust John Travolta since Pulp Fiction.

Beauty Shop?-We just saw Queen Latifa with Steve Martin last weekend on video in "Bringing Down the House." That earned it the "no" vote as well.

Constantine?-I really do not want to know what hell might be like. This movie might function as an evangelical tool though. It might be worth hanging out at the theatre afterwards with the cards.

The Ring Two?-I am still afraid that I'll see an alien reflected in the television screen after seeing the movie "Signs." Horror movies are definately out!

Robots?-We saw this already as a family. It was fun but not even celebrity voices can entice me to pay to see a movie twice.

Guess Who?-Two star comedies are the worst, especially at $10.95 a head!

Hitch?- I like Will Smith but see above.

Million Dollar Baby?- I want to see this eventually but I would rather wait for the video. I don't care for big shot screens filled with beaten and bloody bodies.

The Pacifier?-I don't think P.L. Travers would agree with the comparisons to Mary Poppins. This one got a "no way" vote, too.

Hostage?-I just don't see Bruce Willis as a saviour type of guy, despite Armegeddon.

Ice Princess?-The papers said "this movie is just about perfect for teenagers..." but does this mean that maybe it's not so perfect for their mothers and fathers.

So we ended up going to see an independant film at a theater that didn't take coupons of course but the movie was great!


happyandblue2 said...

I would have chosen Miss Congeniality 2. Suprisingly the first one didn't give me any complexes..
I liked Bruce Willis in all the Die Hard movies so I may have taken a chance on Hostage.

Carol said...

Sounds like you prefer sequels,Happy and Blue2.
Thanks for visiting.

cuz said...

What was the movie called that ended up seeing?

Carol said...

We saw "Bride and Prejudice" which is an Indian Bollywood version of Jane Austin's "Pride and Prejudice." It was happy and colorful. I love the Indian dance.
I hadn't realized that in these Indian movies, tradition says that the actors could not even kiss. The emotions are conveyed by the dance and songs.