Sunday, May 07, 2006

Discussing Creationism Part XIII

After reading about Erasmus Darwin and his evolutionary speculations which preceded that of his grandson, Charles, I can see that pre-Darwinian evolutionary thoughts are important. They actually began with the Greek philosophers. There were many different ideas but the most popular are Plato and Aristotle. Both of these men wrote of an advancement towards the ideal, divine, unchangeable Form.

Aristotle's thoughts are the more evolutionary. He wrote that changes occurred from lifeless primeval matter to vegetation. Then, according to Aristotle, there was another transition from plants to animals. These transitions are a gradual progression from the lower forms to the highest which is man.

These ideas are captivating and interesting for sure, but are still speculative and unscientifically based.

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Su said...

Yes, Greek thought contradicts Hebrew thought in so many ways. Our education system is based on Greek thought. The idea that there is an expert who can deliver the curriculum. Hebrew thought on the other hand revolves around God (as creator +), and the importance of the family. The firmest foundation! Start messing about with God and family ... and we have chaos!

Carol said...

Good point, Su.
Thanks for reading.