Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday: What Carol is thankful for this week

I joined Toastmasters officially today. I hope for improvement in my speaking and communication skills.

I won this ribbon in an impromptu speaking exercise I participated in a few weeks ago. The topic was "how do I get my backyard ready for spring". (That was easy, I don't. My effort or lack of it was appreciated.) This was an encouraging start.

Today, I am thankful for opportunities to improve.

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Barbara said...

Congrats Carol, I've heard only good thongs about Toastmasters.

Jon Cox said...

I really love the Friendly Friday's you post!! :o)

Carol said...

Well, I am in for 6 months at least. The encouragement and kind words given here has helped me to take on a more difficult task.

Hey Jon,
I hope you will be present at tomorrow's festivities. Perhaps you can be persuaded to join the band!

Beckie said...

Way to go Carol. I've known people in Toastmasters and they really enjoy it. I'm sure you'll be one of their best!

chrixean said...

Oh wow, that is so great! I toast you for your desire to better your communications skills :-) See you at FFMB! I will be posting an annoucement tomorrow. Hope you could drop by again :-)


Congratulations Carol for that ribbon. It's not very surprising you won.

Kathy said...

A toast to you Carol!

Carol said...

Oh, I would like that! I have a long ways to go, though.

Hi Chrixean,
For sure...

Thanks Friday's Child. I'll let you all know how it is going.

Alright, Kathy!