Monday, May 08, 2006

Protect Yourself

Tomorrow, the tv movie, Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America, airs on ABC.

I bought my N95 masks today!

See my February 1, 2006 blog entry entitled Getting Ready.

See the World's Health Organization's classification system of where the Bird Flu stands today. Current WHO phase of pandemic alert


Barbara said...

I'm hearing a lot more in the media about a pandemic (sp?) and bird flu. Scary. Thanks for the information.


That's a very alarming news.

Imran said...

Thank you for the reminder. I hope the movie does not confuse the people more than it should just understanding the Bird Flu virus itself.

What's important is the preparation all should have - correct information to prevent transmission and how to battle it if it really does happen.

Thanks again. Have a safe week ahead.

TNChick said...

Oh. I hope it doesn't come my way as I'm honestly not prepared.

ardi k said...

Please consider that all you hear, see and read on the subject is not to be taken as gospel. Do read my last two posting on Share Tree. I'm not the least bit concerned--except for the mental health of all those who accept everthing they are spoon-fed by the gov and media. There are easy, common-sense ways to protect yourself that don't make billionares out of millionares.

Anonymous said...

This movie may wake some people up but can scare others. People need to read as much as they can about the flu and keep up to date with changes. We need to make educated decisions and be prepared. You may want to see our site.

Artpuppy872 said...

Thanks for the info. I will try to watch it. It is always good to be prepared!

Carol said...

Hello Everyone,
No, I am not watching the tv movie. My daughter was but stopped midway, disturbed by one particular graphic scene. That is not good.

As Imram said, we just need to be aware of how to prepare ourselves and how to prevent transmission.

Thanks to Ardi for giving a skeptical viewpoint. We need to be aware of opportunistic people that would use this situation for their monetary benefit. See his blog for more of his thoughts on the matter. Not only might holistic methods be effective in keeping immunities up but simple methods such as handwashing are effective in preventing contamination too. It costs little.

I hope that nothing becomes of this threat but being prepared can not hurt and can only help stop the spread. I am glad for the efforts of the WHO and the governments for doing their best to keep us informed of what is going on.

The Pandemic List gives some information you might want to check out too.

Take care of yourselves!