Monday, May 22, 2006

The High Standards of Being Bipolar

Being ill is being a part of weakness and fragility. Sometimes it is not pretty and sometimes it can be beautifully different.

Automatic thoughts
Magnified but seeing less

It hurts to see more
but look...


Choux*Pastry*Heart said...


Kathy said...

half empty? half full? I don't know. But I'd rather have a glass that was not overflowing.

Pat Paulk said...

Don't know much about the condition, but I would assume a glass half full is a state bi-polar can't know without medication. Interesting.

Barbara said...

Trying to stay even?

Shannon said...

..I know the highs and lows well - and in my experience, the glass goes from overflowing to upside down...

...or for me a lightswitch that is on the fritz...sometimes the light won't go out...other times it won't go on and sometimes, it works =)

you speak it beautifully...I like the magnification reference...and the title =)

Carol said...

Nice to have you visit, Choux *Pastry* Heart. (Nice name)

Yes, it is better that way, now that you mention it.

Good point but even then it is still difficult.

Constantly, Barbara. A lifetime to overcome.

Ah, Shannon,
It is good to have someone know.

DPTH International said...

Hi Carol.

DPTH (aka Dan) here. Thanx for bringing the band around to my blog. I hope you all enjoyed your stay. The FFMB sounds neat, can you let me know what the deal is and I'll see what I can do.

Thanx again for swinging by!

Dan (DPTH)

Shannon said...

Carol -

it's nice to have it tabled...I always smile when I visit you!

Pearl said...

Well put in a pic. :-)

A friend said the term bi-polar is inadequate. tri-polar begins to touch it. ;-)

Carol said...

Hi Dan,
I hope you will decide to join our merry, you ain't heavy kinda band. To join, simply leave a comment stating that you want to and pick an instrument to play. Then come and join the marches every Friday.

Thanks Shannon! Are you on the ring?

I would agree, Pearl.

Lazy Daisy said...

beautifully stated!

Emily said...

It's good that you know what you have and how to keep yourself at a normal level.

Carol said...

Thanks Daisy!

That is so true. There are many that are misdiagnosed and many years are wasted on the wrong treatment or the meds don't work or some refuse the treatment, etc.

I am doing well :)

krista said...

That is poetry.

Carol said...

Thanks Krista!
Nice to meet you.