Saturday, May 13, 2006

Juggling a Fine Line


Jennifer said...

Carol, it's near the bottom of the page, dated Monday, April 3. My hearing has dropped to the point where I can make out sounds but can no longer distinguish words with the best hearing aid there is. My only option is the cochlear implantation...and that process is moving very slowly!!!
Yeah...I had to re-do the entire blog....too many people couldn't read it at all, and as much as I hated to give up the colors, it wasn't worth the look for all the trouble it was giving me!! :)

Kathy said...

Hi Carol,
I posted a cute one today too (perfect for Mother's day). If anyone is interested click onto my site and towards the bottom of Saturday's entry, click on the word video. It's adorable if I may say so. I wish I knew how to get it on my site as you do. Cool.

BTW, I noticed the comment before mine (from Jennifer) talks about her hearing problem. Let me say to her that I sympathize. I have diminished hearing as well and hearing aids don't do the trick. Mine impairment started about 5 years ago and for 5 years previous I had ringing-in-the-ears, which I know Carol has as well.

Carol said...

Hi Jennifer. I am so sad for you. It seems as though you are coping very well though.

Kathy, I loved that video. I will have to show it to my three.

Kathy said...

I'm glad you liked the video as much as I did Carol. Thanks for your comment too in which you said I could upload the video as you did the juggling one.

Derrrrrr...I tried and am having no success.
Have you ever wondered why I haven't uploaded your Friendly Friday banner? (hint hint - it took me over a year of blogging before I could even do pictures).
Are you wondering too why I have "blogging and computers" on my topic list? LOL. I'm wondering too.

Long story short...I don't know how to upload the video. (Tiger is having a field day over this).

Carol said...

Regarding the video, it is copy and paste of the embed code and not really an upload. Make sure you have copied all the code then place it where you would when you write your post.

Kathy said...

I finally did just that; copy and pasted the code provided at the site. Was I ever surprised when I hit "publish" to see it come up like magic (I sometimes make easy things seem hard). I'm not sure it's working though. When I look I just see the black video play screen. When I hit "load" in the middle of that, nothing really happens. Could be my computer. More than could be me missing a step. But it's mother's day and I'm taking it easy until later when I go to work.
Thanks for your help Carol.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

Mango Lane said...

Bravo! Bravo! And he looks like Ashton Kutcher!

Carol said...

That's my boy

wandi said...

What a great video Carol. I liked it very much. Is that your son juggling?

Carol said...

It is. He made the video too.

Reuben said...

Wow! Awesome!

Carol said...

Hi Reuben,
Pretty good, eh?