Sunday, April 23, 2006

Discussing Creationism Part XI

I am reading the book "The Theory of Evolution" by Cynthia L. Mills in order to understand critically
and analytically both evolution and creationism. This part of the discussion is more like a less formal, personal notebook of interesting information that I gather and jot down. Feel free to offer your viewpoints, suggestions or other reading material recommendations.

I found this statement of importance:
"Did new species come about suddenly or gradually? Darwin continued to be convinced evolution must be gradual, but never proved it to his or anyone's satisfaction. It has remained one of the central disagreements to this day."

I also found an interesting web page called "Darwinia and Evolution."

Here is a list from the above web page of what is necessary to understand the fossil record:
  • basic knowledge of geology and plate tectonics
  • radiometric dating (creationism does not agree with the dating methods that have been used. This is another discussion, of course. I just wanted to point this out.)
  • read a couple of books and journals on the subject
  • possibly take an introductory course in paleontology
  • keep up to date by subscribing to a paleontological news service

This seems to be an informative web page but it suggests an extensive study plan that could take 5 years. I will need to decide what to do. Meanhile I will continue on with this book on Evolution as it gives a good overview. There are also works that have been done by other creationists that I need to look at. I don't have to start from scratch.

Most importantly praying to the Creator for understanding and knowledge will help.

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Carol said...

You have encouraged me in my efforts, Aurora. Thank you.

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