Friday, April 07, 2006

Friendly Friday

Hello FFMB. I can't wait to get the march started today because I was privileged to be interviewed by blog reporter, Lazy Daisy this week. Read the tell-all interview below!

Lazy Daisy here for the "The Blog Blabber" interviewing the conductor of the Friend of the Friendless Marching Band.

Carol, I've done some research on the band and discovered you started this concept in your blog "A Revision" August 17, 2005 . Can you tell us briefly how you came up with the idea of a virtual band and why the name of the band is significant?

Carol: My children and I enjoy watching " I Love Lucy "and had watched the "“Lucy's Last Birthday"” episode, which featured the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. In this episode Lucy is upset because she thinks no one has remembered her birthday and goes off to the park crying. The band discovers Lucy sitting on a park bench and think she is a a friendless drunk because her eyes are red from crying and she has the hiccups from crying. The band misread the situation and offers her an opportunity to join the band.
I was smitten by the idea and decided to create an on-line version of the band.

Daisy: Carol, I've noticed that you are a natural encourager, was this one of the reasons you wanted to reach out to others?

Carol: I enjoy reading blogs and wanted to help unrecognized bloggers get noticed. I also read in a MacLean'’s magazine that most blogs receive less than 10 visitors a day!

Daisy:Has anyone ever been insulted to be called "friendless?"

Carol:Yes. Our intentions are good but some people do not want to hear that they are friendless but I think it is good for the soul to be able to admit to being friendless, at least once in a lifetime.
Then some blogs that appeared to be friendless, turned out to have lots of visitors like one I featured that actually was getting a 1000 visitors a day!
Joining the band is a fun way to to meet other blogs and make friends.

Daisy: What do you see as the future of the band?

Carol:I would like to see the FFMB a household word and friendless blogs lining up to be a part of the parade route. I would like to see a growing number of active members that enjoy creating and playing together. I see potential for great fun!

Daisy: Does the band have a theme song?

Carol:It was played on that 60th episode of I Love Lucy. To hear the audio version of our theme song, click here then scroll down until you get to the song "“Friends of the Friendless". ” (There is a song called "Friendship" right after it, so be careful to click on right song)

Daisy:If you could play for anyone in the world, who would it be?

Carol: Lucy!

Daisy: Thank you Carol for the inside information about the formation of this interesting encouraging group of commenters..... So watch out blogspheres, the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band may be coming to your site in the near future. You'll be able to recognize them by their uniforms and their unusual instruments.

Thank you Lazy Daisy for "conducting" this revealing interview.

Now, to go along with this interview, I want to feature this amazing blog called Everything Lucy"! I like (or should I say, love) this blog because:
  • it is all about Lucy! Is this a goldmine or what?
  • he is a loyal fan.
  • of all the up todate information
  • of the link to the sister web site
  • the blog appears to be friendless it?

  • Yes, there is only the one site today so enjoy a leisurely visit.

    Oh, I have other good news for the band! The FFMB has a directory listing in High Class Blogs.

    For those wondering how the band works:
    To join the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band, leave a comment stating that you wish to join then choose any instrument you like. (ability isn't an issue for this cyber band) We have three piano players, a harpist, a theramin and french horn player plus a variety of more so you get the idea that any instrument is possible.
    On Fridays, the band meets to visit the chosen friendless sites which I list. Then the band leaves friendly comments for our honored recipients. Let them know that you are from the FFMB.
    Get to know other band members. There is sure to be someone you can connect with.
    Nominate friendless sites. They can be bloggers you know or ones that you come across in your blog surfs. Think unique. These sites have less than 5 comments/post and be posting currently. Leave me a comment with their address or email me at Carol_ffmb at I will let you know whether they have met the friendless criteria.

    Banners are always available here!


    Chrixean said...

    Ok, I just came from Vic's place. Thanks for recommending this site, it sure was a treasure chest of Lucille Ball goodies! :-) I posted my FFMB promo today, btw. Have a happy weekend!

    David said...

    hello carol - your are a great encourager - I just read sabrina's new post. things seem so much better there than before you and the gang went marching through. Praise God

    Barbara said...

    Nice post Carol, I see Lazy daisy is branching out past the Blog Olympics. She's a great reporter. Great Lucy site to visit today.

    mar said...

    Great interview, nice link! happy friday! I am in a hurry, gotta go, lol!

    sister celtic said...


    J. Andrew Lockhart said...

    It's already Friday???

    artpuppy94 said...

    Great interview and blog. Carol!

    Barbara said...

    You're in my commercial!

    Lazy Daisy said...

    Interesting stop tonight. Love all the Lucy information.

    Mango Lane said...

    Here`s a blog for your perusal:
    Midnight to 4am

    Pat Paulk said...

    Carol, great interview!!!

    Kathy said...

    Hello FFMB, and Carol,
    Again I am late in joining in.
    I want to say though that Diasy hit the nail on the head when she said, "Carol is a natural encourager." Indeed she is, which is why I try to always show up, even if it is a day usual.
    There are a lot of good blogs out there. Even when I don't comment, I am most of the time, checking out what is offered.
    Thanks to all of you.

    TNChick said...

    I didn't get to visit yesterday due to the storms, having no cable and power most of the day- I'll try to make up for it later today....

    Carol said...

    Great march, everyone.

    Thanks for putting out the word about the band.

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Yes, word is getting out on her reporting abilities.
    I saw the commercial, that is a great find. I am wondering what to do with it now.

    Thanks for dropping by before your holidays.

    Sister Celtic,
    I knew you would!

    J. Andrew,
    YOur students must give you a hint.

    Thanks Art Puppy 94!

    Lazy Daisy,

    Got it, Mango.

    Thanks Pat.(Always good to see your shades.)

    Kathy, thanks for the kind words. What does Tiger say?

    Thanks for stopping by despite the tornado yesterday. Glad to know that you are up and about.

    nobody girl said...

    just got back from vic's. it's a neat place!

    Carol said...

    That's for sure, Nobody Girl. I wish he would join the band.

    Dave said...

    A blog that I read and one who NEVER gets any comments may be a candidate?

    Thanks Dave

    Carol said...

    Got it, Dave. Thanks.

    Vic said...

    Thanks for your comments on the "Everything Lucy" Blog!

    I'm so busy finding and posting the latest news on Lucille Ball that I barely have time for anything else! The sister site web site, "Everything Lucy" at is also run by me and is in sore need of a fresh new look which I hope to get to sometime this year.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments and hopefully I'll be able to update the actual code (learning is a task) to include blogrolls, banners and such.

    Carol said...

    You are doing a great job, Vic!