Monday, April 17, 2006

"Where I'm From"

I am from a cigarette stub, Dumaurier and ashes.

I am from the house whose front outside light came on because it was time to come home, playing, happy , to the unfinished smell of sawdust.

I am from the lilacs and sweet grass braided into a cross.

I am from the trips to powwows and Sunday masses, with gloves and white hats.

I am from the freedom of small town walks and bikerides, from quiet independent men and hard working women.

From don't eat too fast and don't eat too slow.

I am from those that held fast to what they were told, instructed well, too well.

I'm from the prairies, Ukrainian and Indian, from perogies and bannock.

From a homesteading couple that were hailed out and from another two, that were stolen a Native heritage. From a man, my Father, who farmed his dream.

I am from envelopes of inherited pictures, clippings and a souvenir tan and yellow lighter, a life.

I heard about this from Colleen. This is from a poem template that a friend of Fred of Fragments from Floyd used in a writing class. It is based on a poem by George Ella Lyons. It is a great writing exercise, so have fun and let me know if you do this and I will link to you here.
  1. Kai took a slightly different slant.
  2. Pearl did the same.
  3. Barbara
  4. Melli
  5. Chilady


Poetry by Kai said...

thanks, it didn't really happen but i want it to happen...
it was just a romantic imagination i had...

thank u.

that poem is cool, i think i try to do this exercise...


That was really beautiful. Where I'm From. It really is awesome.

colleen said...

I really enjoyed reading your poem, Carol. I'll stay posted and see what others come up.

Wasn't it a fulfilling to exercise?

Aurora said...

Carol, I love your poem! This seems like a fun exercise.

Artpuppy872 said...

This is really good, Carol and I will try to do the exercise if I have time. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Sincerely, Artpuppy94

Barbara said...

Carol - I really like that template. I'm going to give it a go.

Carol said...

The desire for romance inspires.

Thanks Friday's Child. It was fun to do and difficult, too.

That would be great. Yes it really is a good exercise, not only for poetry but to bring back memories.

Thanks Aurora!

AP94 and Barbara,
I hope you'll try it.

Poetry by Kai said...

hey carol,

i did the exercise that u post on ur blog & u already have read it because i saw ur comment...
thank u...

& i had fun with this exercise....
hope u bring some more

Pearl said...

Hi Carol,

Mine is not entirely sticking to form, being super long but came from the same exercise. It's my poetry blog at

Barbara said...

I did it. Thanks for sharing this Carol. Trying to Catch Up: Where I'm From

Carol said...

Good idea, Kai.

I love the flows of your words. You intently practise their worth.

I am overjoyed that you wrote a poem. One that I could see,finally, that is.

Great work!

Pearl said...

Thanks Carol. :-)

colleen said... Hi Carol, I forgot to mention that Fred also keeps a list of bloggers who do the poem. The link is above. You can go over and ask him to add these new ones. I'm also linking back here tomorrow. Maybe we can start a "Where I'm From Revolution!

Carol said...

Thanks Colleen,
I told Fred about the poems by Kai, Pearl, Barbara and myself, so far.

Kathy said...

Great poem and interesting how, like personalities, there will never be a "Where I'm From" that is the same as the next. Each poem is an original, but with the same title.
Mine is like Colleen's (somewhat) since she's my sister, but still not the same by a long shot.
I might post it one day.
Thanks Carol.

fred said...

Hi Carol,

I'll come back in a week or so and see what additional versions on various blogs and websites I can add to my list of "where I'm from". Thanks for this!-- Fred

Carol said...

Good point. It would be good to see how your poem differs from Colleen's.

That would be great, Fred.

I hope others will still join in!

Melli said...

I just wanted to let you know that I took on this challenge this morning -- and I'm pretty happy with my results! Thanks sO much for sharing this wonderful activity!!!

Chi said...

I enjoyed reading your poem very much...I finally have mine up but it isn't as good as yours or others. *s*

Carol said...

Chilady, I don't believe that...