Sunday, April 30, 2006

Discussing Creationism Part XII

I am reading the book "The Theory of Evolution" by evolutionist, Cynthia L. Mills, in order to critically and analytically understand both evolution and creationism. This part of the discussion is a less formal, personal notebook of interesting information that I gather and jot down as well as my thoughts on the material. Feel free to offer your viewpoints, suggestions or other reading material recommendations.

Everyone is influenced by someone especially from their childhood. In the case of Charles Darwin, that person was his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. Erasmus was a physician who liked to write poetry and prose and to speculate on scientific matters, especially the origins of life. He was a contemporary of Lamarck and came to similar conclusions, most notably that use or disuse of a part of the body could lead to changes in size or shape.
In Erasmus' popular book, Zoonomia or the Laws of Organic Life, he wrote his scientific views in a poetic manner.

"Nurs'd by warm sun-beams in primeval caves
Organic Life began beneath the waves...
Hence without parent by spontaneous birth
Rise the first specks of animated earth."

Erasmus' speculations were very similar to present day beliefs of the origin of life. Could it be that his thoughts influenced his grandson and others?

Erasmus is said not to have been an atheist but he did not accept the authority of the Bible or of the Christ.

In Discussing Creationism Part V, I wrote that "An important but often overlooked premise that is inherent in every man is their religious belief...The idea that scholarly men are impartial observers is often a fallacy. Christian beliefs also may lead to conclusions which are contrary to the non-religious man. These differences of premises can both lead to different interpretations of the facts."

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Poetry by Kai said...


Su said...

Indeed, very interesting. Kind of like folklore, as opposed to 'science'. Poetry leading to theory of origins... As always, you're doing a grand job searching out all this stuff.

Carol said...

Hey Kai,
Thanks for reading!

Yes, speculation came before the evidences!

Simon said...

Science involves speculation and creative thinking. Religion contains nothing else.

Carol said...

Hi Simon,
Pleased to meet you.

Science is to be based on the physical evidences so it is interesting to read that speculation and creative thinking came before the evidence in the case of Erasmu Darwin.