Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I could live in a hermitage
drawing windows tight with lace,
patterning the sun nervously on the wall,
tatting while fantasies shuttle quietly
between prayers.

I won't live in a hermitage
in neatly stitched lines and circles, alone,
Joining the other minds beside opened windows,
we dance stormy patterns.



Did you compose this poem? It's beautiful.

Carol said...

Friday's Child,
Yes, it is mine.

Pat Paulk said...

Very good Carol!!

mompoet said...

Beautiful thoughts. Exquisite words. Good work Carol!

Anonymous said...

You ARE a poet!:) I hope to see more of your verse, Carol.

Barbara said...

I enjoyed reading your poetry. Does it mean you keep an open mind?

-R- said...

Very neat!

Carol said...

Thanks Pat, Mompoet and Aurora! I appreciate hearing from you experienced poets.

I wasn't thinking of an open mind when I wrote this but I can see how it could be interpreted that way.

To answer your question, though,I don't think it is wise to be closed to the possibility of being wrong.


Time to celebrate writing and reading poetry.

Mango Lane said...

The poet is back. Thank goodness! I love the imagery in this poem and should take the "admonition" to heart myself. Very nice!

Artpuppy872 said...

Great job, Carol! This is great! I love poetry so much and it is great to see a poem of yours on here! Keep up the excellent work!

Carol said...

Mango and AP94,
Thanks for the encouragement!