Friday, November 04, 2005

Ode to a Friend

Even when I don't hear from you
I know that you are there
waiting to hear from me,
dear friend...

Yikes! It is Friendly Friday, I completely forgot...just a moment, stay right here while I find my conductor's hat...

Gasp, my tuba has shrunk...well... it will have to do this week.

Hello my friends! How ya doozing? Are you ready for another fantastic Friday? I can hardly wait to see who this week's friendless sites are! Yes,, give me another minute,'kay?

Ahem, I thought I would try a thematic approach this week. I like poetry, so this week, I have found a couple of poet bloggers. They both are enjoyable but the site of the week I chose is the one on the left ;)

Xtessa is the featured site of the week.
I like her blog because:
  • her poetry is personal, seeking honesty with herself
  • her words are positive and hopeful
  • she has a peaceful template
  • but more poetry updates please

Also, please go and discover the depths of Uncle David's poems.

I also came across this site which all poets will appreciate. This is not a friendless site but you will enjoy Blogging Poets.

Band members, please help me find more friendless sites, my bookmarks are getting low! Also, don't hesitate to get the Friends of the Friendless Marching Band banner.

Have fun and make a lot of noise. See ya later!


David E. Patton said...

Hi i am glad that you found my site and thought that it was in need of being mention on your site.

Carol said...

Glad to know that you are pleased with the nomination:)

-xtessa- said...

hi there. thanks for nominating my poetry blog. i know i haven't been updating there but it is hard to manage three blogs.;) i really appreciate it.:)

Carol said...

Thanks -xtessa for your kind response:)
I didn't realize that there was a 3rd!

Pearl said...

Hi Carol
I got out to the Friendly Friday recipient folks.

Carol said...

Hats off to you, FFMB! Thanks for the friendly comments you left; I am so proud.

Mango Lane said...

Hey. I have another site for you to check: