Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I have lost 7/8 Battle of the Blogs. This is a game on Blog Explosion where you pit your blog against another in hopes of being voted the best.

Carol, what are you doing??

Anyways after being defeated so many times, I went on the Member's Forum to ask what was the matter. It seems that the game is more about form and template (or chance. One fellow said he votes for the blogs on the left side of the screen some of the time and those on the right the other times).

I breathed a sigh before it hit me, this is life and relationships. Many people are attracted to others because of form and template, the shape of the body, the beauty, clothes and eloquence.

I am glad they thought the content was good (smile) but the orange, well...Perhaps the orange will go, along with the font variations. I mean, it wouldn't hurt to get a new wardrobe and hairstyle.

Then, I look back over my years and have to almost laugh when I think of the people that have walked by me, all because they didn't like my form and template.

But I realize, the content has always been good.


Erin said...


Dani_elle said...

I am ten hundred percent sure that I am one of those who is passed over due to template. I hope someday this may change. But for most people it is all they see. They do not care about the content.

Carol said...


Then, there are some passing by that really look and listen then exclaim, "What a find!"
It makes ya appreciate these people all the more and aim to be like them.

Jennifer said...

It's ALWAYS all about the content for me, my friend. The old adage "Beauty is only skin deep" applies in Bloggerville as well!

pia said...

Took me awhile after I began blogging to realize how important form is to it

While it angered me at the time, I got with the program, and that allowed more people to read the content. And content will always be the most important thing to me

Carol said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Hi Pia,
It is so good to have you visit. (I have visited Pia's blog on Blog Explosion)

A great template would be nice but for some computer illiterates, it is not always possible or desirable because of time and other responsibilities.
(I am hoping to enlist the aid of my children whose computer skills grow daily)

My main point though is that many people are overlooked because of different or damaged packaging and I'm not talking just about blogging. It is sad, to me, that plain and simple words have to be all dressed up in order to be appreciated.

I hope that others will be able to recognize their own talents and not be discouraged if others don't.

utenzi said...

Good content is what it's all about, Carol. It's like the robot said in that movie Short Circuit. "Need more input!"

I guess that's not quite your point but I've long been erratic...

Carol said...

Hey Utenzi, Good to hear from you.(I saw that movie, too)

WendyWings said...

I have a generic template and frankly I don't think people even READ the content when they vote half the time.

Michele sent me :D

Carol said...

Hi Wendywings,
Thanks for stopping by. I recognize your name and template from the BOB (Battle of the Blogs).