Saturday, November 19, 2005

Excerpts from a Life

The following are taken from my journals as a teenager. I was a secret admirer of Chevy and losing weight steadily in hopes of capturing his heart.
My friend, Mango and I are exploring our creativity.

April 9, 1975
Wouldja believe I was in the hospital since Sunday. I passed out on Sunday. The doctor says I have low blood sugar.

April 20, 1975
Millions of things to write about are passing through my mind. I don't mean for my journal but for stories. I wrote a poem called "One Year Ago Today." I'm not finished it yet. Yes, I feel inspired to write...

May 15, 1975
Saw Cindy and Aline uptown. Cindy said, "Do you ever look great. I bet all the boys are after you." haha

May 20, 1975
Before typing, JoAnne and I were talking to Laurie in typing. Chevy was in there! For a long time, he never looked up then he finally quit typing and rested his chin on his hands and watched. Oooh, my legs turned into jelly.
Mrs. Krislock, art teacher, asked me if I would like to draw something for the Reinbolt Exhibition. Felt proud.

June 1, 1975
Went to Mango's in the afternoon. We sang into the tape recorder with the records. (This was way before Karaoke!)
Our best song was "I Got the Music in Me".
Mango sings really good. She could make with her voice. I really mean that!
I sang "Love Lies Bleeding."
Mango keeps on telling me how great I sing. I'm flattered but I don't think I sound that great. Mango is the one with the great voice. She can get all the little notes I can't.
I wish our group, Trilogy, would make it!


Erin said...

Your "Excerpts" are so sweet. I wish I had kept some of my old diaries/journals. But, at some point I decided they were dumb and tossed them. Oh well!
As always, it's been a pleasure to read your post!

Have a great evening!

Carol said...

Yes, Erin, throwing old journals away is a bad idea! There is so much information in them about why you are who you are today. Plus, they are funnnnny!

I'm not trying to make you feel bad, only doing my best to prevent someone else from doing the same thing.

utenzi said...

Michele sent me over here to take a look, Carol. It's been a few weeks since I've visited though I see you're still recounting your high school journal. I hope you're taking better care of your health now. Passing out is bad for you!

Carol said...

Hi Utenzi,
I will probably be recounting those days for awhile. I have about 20 or more notebooks to go through. hahaha

What, no mention of my new look? And, no, I didn't get a new hairstyle!

mar said...

Teenager journals are so special! Michele sent me your way to read and smile.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Hi Carol...
Michele sent me tonight...
Oh how I wush I had kept journals....It's really a wonderful thing to do, especially if you are a writer...I guess I figured I had nothing interesting to write! Good for you that you kept journals...Have you found that they come in handy now? I would think so! Glad I stopped by Carol...

Carol said...

Hello Mar and Old Old Lady of the Hills,
Thanks so much for dropping by. I write from my old journal entries every Saturday. Re-reading them helps me to understand me. They are my story.

Raehan said...

You can tell you were such a positive spirit, even back then. Those are great.

Carol said...

Hey Raehan,
Hold that thought...