Friday, November 04, 2005

Another Day

We live near the airport flight path. Planes are a part of our view out the kitchen bay window.
Tonight, we heard a loud rumbling.
"What is that?" I heard as my Husband looked out the window and frantically headed for the back door. I followed.
In the northern sky, we saw a plane lit with an orange glow, sparks slowly emanating into the darkness.
It felt unreal; prayers quickly were said. I hugged my daughter as the plane rose and headed back for the airport.
We heard on the radio that everyone was safe.
Thank you.


Martin Stickland said...

Good morning from wet old England Carol.

Nice bog you have there!

I am glad all the air passengers were safe, sounds rather scary!

My friend and his family just got back from a trip to Canada and they said they loved it!


Kind Regards


Carol said...

Hi Martin.
I have been thinking about how cool headed the pilot and crew were to know and do exactly what was needed in an emergency.
Quite an example!

moira said...

Wow, how surreal.

We also live under a flight path. Further north, where my husband works and where I used to, is a military base. Very loud, very fast jets swoop and curve over the business district regularly.

My husband was somewhere overseas, taking a small plane to or from Prague, I believe. The inside lights were completely out on one side of the plane. The pilot came on the intercom and said that there was only one engine working, and that they'd have to jump-start the other midair. It succeeded, but I tell him I would have walked off after hearing that announcement.