Friday, November 11, 2005

Friendly Friday- Lest We Forget

Hello Friends of the Friendless Marching Band! I am so glad to see you all, eager to spread your good comments to fellow bloggers that are in need.

The featured site this Friday is Mary of Uncensored Soul.
I like her blog because:
  • I like her template-I can't help it, I'm noticing templates a lot lately
  • she reminds me of my journals as a young woman, except I never travelled to Egypt on a whim
  • >she is simple like a circle
  • one of her interests is marching bands, say no more

Check out Samantha's Daily Thoughts of a Sotonggal. She is from Malaysia with an honest and friendly blog.

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Jennifer said...

CONGRATS on being the Blog of the day at teh blogfather's!!! Content is what counts, my dear friend :)

Barbara said...

Hey Carol - way to go. I have to find the Blogfather's site now.

Rhiannon said...

Hi Carol, I found your comment on "Uncle Davids" poet blog. I really liked what you said and what you are doing on here. There are so many in the blog world who don't get read hardly at all and some of those are my favorite blog sites, with wonderful thoughtful spiritual and creativity in their writings. I have a few on my links, like celestial void, dreaming_firefly, might want to check them out. I have put on post for people to check them out but don't think anyone did..what a shame. I find some of the most popular blogs with thousands of "Hits" are just that popular blogs with a lot of hits! you know what I mean..there's a lot of talent out there for all to see and share so thanks for going out of your way to do this..

Angel Blessings,

Rhiannon said...

P.S. I see we both have something in commonm, the book "Pride & Prejudice". I love the A&E movie also, I have it and never tire of watching it from time to time. I can so relate to the character "Lizzie". Many tell me I am a lot like I named my cat after her. Well, there is a new movie remake of it out now at the theatres I think I will go see it. That books speaks "volumes" about what we all can still learn about "Pride & Prejudice" I feel..and manners!..don't you think?


Carol said...

Thanks Jennifer and Barbara! Go and submit your sites for review, too.

Hi Rhiannon,
Is it ever nice to meet you.
There is so much talent out there.
I will be by to visit and will have a look at the blogs you mentioned, as well.
I have a feeling you would make an excellent band member.

I would like to be like Lizzie.
I am a bit biased towards Colin Firth but I will be seeing the newest version too.

Teh Blogfather said...

Hey Carol, your review is finally up!

PS: Barbara and Jennifer, feel free to submit your blogs. The next round will start soon :-)

Carol said...

Cool, Teh! Do you wanta join a band?

pearl said...

Speaking of templates,

OOh, love the purdy new template.

Much easier on the eyes. So soothing.

I'm late but I'll lark over there.

Carol said...

Thanks band members, for another successful Friendly Friday (or equivalent).