Sunday, November 27, 2005

Band Update

Hello FFMB! This is an update to the band roster.

psst... will you do me a favor while I am out of town for a few days? Will you visit your fellow band members and get to know them through friendly comments? (I know you are all good at that!)

The list is from newest to the oldest member:

J. Andrew Lockhart (jal for short) is the newest member. We finally have a trombone player and he will also be the instrument repair man. Wow!
Kathy plays the tenor saxaphone. Isn't she great?
Azure is a new member that plays the mandolin.
Rhiannon is the pianist. She plays really mean marching tunes. (I mean really friendly marching tunes!)
Mompoet is the faithful kazooist.

Mango is the flag bearer and a very good one, too. She can be reached through my comments as she is a blog groupie with no blog of her own!

Pearl plays the korean drums every Friday, well..sometimes she is a little late but I know I can count on her.
Barbara is the flutist and man, can she play!
Stephen plays the baritone. He keeps everyone in line when we act up on the bus.
Erin is a drummer as well. She is a little whacky but we like whacky in the FFMB.

Zeb is the guitarist. He doesn't say much but he is pretty cool all the same. Reach him through my comment section.

Raehan, the thoughtful accordionist. She sent in a note excusing herself for the month.

Some of the members have regularly missed band performances for the last few months. I continue to hope that they will show up again some day but until then I will remove their names... gasp... from the roll call.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

looks like a good band to me!

Barbara said...

Nice band Carol! I'll be on time this Friday.

Erin said...

Whacky you say? Well, I never! ;)

I'll try to be better about this, I promise!

Raehan said...

hank you for not aking me off the roster!

Stephen said...

Same here. I'll be there on Friday!

David said...

I think I want to join up, but hesitate due to temporary depression. can you give me just LOW notes to play. I have someone I visit who ONLY gets comments from me.

I see your mission and salute it, let me know if I can join I am your servant and God's.

mompoet said...

Hi Carol! Hi Mango (thanks for the visit) Hi Zeb.
I'm honoured to be in the band with all of you, and I'm having fun visiting your blogs.

zeb said...

Hi everyone, just happy to make the gig

Rhiannon said...

Hi Mango stopping by to say thanks for "stopping by" my blog to say a hello to me...hi everyone else. So how many do we have in the group now?..:o)

Angel Blessings,

Carol said...

Hello to the Friends of the Friendless.
I am so pleased to hear from you all and to know that you are getting to know one another.

Nice to meet you David. Welcome to the band. How does a bassoon sound? It has a low range.

Rhiannon, the count should be at 14, counting David and myself.