Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I Love You, Too

Grandma would tell me that I ran to her. Grandpa liked to tease and I was too shy for that. Grandma's gentleness was more to my liking.

When we were back home this summer, we went visiting relatives with my Grandmother. At one stop, she was into a deep conversation with a young cousin of mine from the reserve. I couldn't help but ask afterwards what they were talking about. She said that the little boy was talking about being bullied. She told him that he was intelligent and that the others were just jealous of him.

My Grandma is in the hospital now, not expected to live much longer. I am unable to be with her as she is in another province but I talked to her tonight. She couldn't answer but my sister, who was at her bedside, said she wanted to speak. I know what she wanted to say though and I will always be grateful for the many times she said it and the many ways she showed it.


Erin said...

Oh Carol, I am so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts.

mompoet said...

What powerful good she has been in your life Carol. Thank you for sharing, you and she will be in my prayers.

Carol said...

Thank you so much.

Jennifer said...

Carol, your posting made me want to cry. I have a grandmother like yours, and I will always know she loves me, even if the day ever comes when she cannot speak the words. I'm so sorry she's not doing well. I hope she goes peacfully and painlessly, and I know God will give you comfort (((HUGS)))

Laurie said...

Carol, thanks for sharing.. I'll say a prayer for your granny.

(Erin sent me)

Pearl said...

I'm glad you could talk with her!

Carol said...

Thanks Laurie for visiting.

Yes, Pearl. Now you know why your poem on your Grandmother touched me so.

The following is a poem draft by Pearl that she included on her Nov 14/05 post:

Stopped Short by Unconscious Call

Adjusting in my seat I harumphed;
Granny has come out my mouth

part of my larynx is her. See
her tissues pulled from her sleeve
to dab eyes. I study her cheek textures
terrycloth acceptance clouded around me

her throat clears but visit lingers,
rewarms me into her song

Dak-Ind said...

i am so sorry. i teared up for you, and for my god-daughter who's grandmother lost her battle with cancer just this morning. my prayers go out to you, and yours.

michele sent me today.

Carol said...

Thank you,Dak-ind, for your condolences.