Friday, November 25, 2005

Friendly Friday

Looking through the archives...

The march goes on, my Friends.

The featured Friendless site of the week is Tabitha Dial at Tabitha Dial's Blog: Where the Muse Matters. I like her blog because
  • she likes the old song "Memphis." This is one of my favorites.
  • she made a "I Like That I Am..." list.
  • she started writing fiction at 9 years about girls rescuing boys!
  • she's a poet. There is a link to her poems. D'ya see it?
Check out Kathy at Lazy Daisy Log.She is the newest member in the Friends of the Friendless Band, playing the tenor saxaphone. I hope everyone will make her feel comfortable on her first Friendly Friday!

J. Andrew Lockhart from Past Tense, blogs haiku and tanka. Give him a visit, as well.

New members, choose your instrument! There will a band update this coming week with a list of the band members.

Get your banner here and remember to submit the friendless sites you find this week. Have a friendly day. Now get going...


Lazy Daisy said...

Carol, thanks for the visits and the heads up on other blogs. It's nice to have blogging friends! So sorry to hear about your grandmother. Kathy

Tabitha Dial said...


I recognize those guys in the band picture... ;-)

Hee hee... and I just watched HELP! the other weekend, too.

Rhiannon said...

Carol, I found another blog that I thought was of has beautiful pictures.

"Holy Inheritance"

Carol said...

Thanks everyone, for making the day a real success!

Rhiannon, Thanks for all the nominations. I checked out "Holy Inheritance" and I would have to check further to really understand what is being said. I'm thinking if I do that, it might end up as a blog post some day.
Thanks again for keeping your eyes open for the friendless out there.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

sure, I'm interested in being in the band --- what do I need to do?

Carol said...

Hi there J.Andrew,
All you need to do is choose an instrument and write it here in the comment section. Then, most importantly, show up on Friendly Fridays to go visiting the friendless and leave friendly comments.

Oh, this has been a good day!

srp said...

Hello Carol, I am here from Michele. This looks to be an interesting site. I'll bookmark it and be back.

So very sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother.

Charles (Canadian in Hong Kong) said...

Great blog and hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Michele sent me...

Carol said...

Srp and Charles,
Michele is great to send you my way!

Pearl said...

Is your site trying to autoload something like music? I get an error popping up about a file type not supported?

I'll visit a couple.

Carol said...

Yes, there is video about Paul McCartney. I think I'll take it off. Thanks for letting me know.