Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Bad Day

My Son was excited this morning that a friend had invited him over after school so I was surprised to see him at the door this afternoon. His friend decided to do something else. As a result, he was in a growly mood. When I told him what his chore was, he protested loudly and ended up being grounded from the computer and television.
He calmed down after supper but still hoped to get back on the computer. He decided to play with a train set that should be given away as it is too young for him.
I was looking for him this evening and my Husband called from our bedroom that he was in there.
I opened the door to find the two of them bent over my Husband's more sophisticated train set.

It is good to be reminded that things work out for the best, eventually.


Anonymous said...

Never mind the cliche about spending quality times with a loved one. This is only have of the equation. Hardly anyone is talking about or aware of the other half of the formula.

There can be no quality times without someone putting in quantity times in the first place.

It was good for the lad and Mr. Carol to have spent time together interacting. So it seemed the train set was the unexpected lubricant to engage the two minds, the four hands, and father and son dialogs.

Well done, Mrs. Carol. Did you treat the clan to a special dinner? What was for dessert?


Carol said...

Thanks so much L'Envoi for your encouraging comment.

We had turkey weiners (Mr. Carol, I like that, is on a low cholesterol diet now),perogies and mixed vegetables. Not too special but the dessert was.

My Middle Daughter, this is a post in itself, is taking baking for an option at school. To earn extra points for her class, she is able to bake at home. She made Hot Cocoa Pudding. It turned out to be on the dry side and I realized afterwards that she didn't add the required hot water to make it a pudding. I am proud that she made it all on her own, even washing the dishes and sweeping up.
It tasted pretty good with ice cream. (low fat for the Mr. and I)

Thanks for asking!

Jennifer said...

I feel sorry for your son. I hate it when children are disappointed. However, spending time with Dad seems like a great way to end the day.
Oh, and the dessert sounds wonderful, even dry. Chocolate, you know.

mompoet said...

You are a good mom Carol, to understand how your son was feeling but also to stand your ground about respectful and civilized behaviour. Something I have noticed with my kids is that they have to take themselves a part a bit before they grow or advance. Before each big developmental leap there's a period of regression that seems to me like a bit of tear-down before renovation. It happened when they were toddlers, it happens now they are teens. I predict something wonderful will happen in the next few weeks for your son. Now that would be a lovely dessert!

Carol said...

Hi Jennifer,
Yes,I thought the same;it is hard to ruin a dessert.

Hi Mompoet,
That not only applies to children.

Carmi said...

Kids always find a way to make lemonade out of lemons.

Your son learned an important lesson. I'd be willing to bet he doesn't ever return the favor to his friends...when you've been stung like that, you learn fairly quickly how to treat others with respect.

Good on him. Good on you.

Here from Michele's.

Carol said...

Thanks Carmi for listening.