Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sample Day

6 am Wake up thinking that I have to edit last night's blog. Eldest is up as well. She is going to leave early for the physics tutorial. She is unimpressed that I am up so early to blog.

7am I do my physio exercises then have a Bible Study on Premillenialism with my Eldest. This is taking forever at 10 minutes a day but you know the saying about the slow but steady.

730 am. My Son wakes up.

8am My Middle daughter is awake as well. She has a late entry today. We three have Bible Time on Proverbs.

9 am I phone a friend while I throw a load of laundry in and put away dishes.

10 am I am out the door to get groceries. Since it is not "$30 coupon day", it goes pretty smoothly. I get box of 16 donuts for $2.49.

11:30 am I talk myself out of checking my blog for comments and put away the groceries instead.

12:00 pm Hubby arrives home. He is able to regularly make it home for lunch. Son is staying at school for lunch today as he is in the choir set up crew. ( I hear that they also get to be props as well) I make a special lunch for the two of us- salmon sandwich on ciabatta buns, gouda cheese slices, raw vegetables and tomato juice in wine glasses.

1:00 pm Hubby had to leave early. I put on my headset phone and make a call while I put laundry away and do the dishes. Phone pal has to leave so I phone another and talk while cleaning out the kitty litter box and emptying the garbage.

Oh no it is already 3:00 pm. My Middle daughter arrives home. Time for a snack. I realize I forgot to do my aerobic exercises but it is too late by the time I remember because I absolutely have to work on...

4:00 pm ...the income tax. I get my Hubby's done but mine is still on the To Do list. The Kids' chore is to clean their rooms.

5:00 pm I start supper. Today I make "Saucy Steak Sandwich", salad and fries. Oh yes, with rasperry filled donuts for dessert.

6:15 pm My Eldest daughter walks out on this meal. The meat was too stringy, she said. I make a comment in my cookbook to try another cut of beef. I think the others would have liked to walk out too but they wanted the donuts too much. Hubby thanked me for the meal and acknowledged the time it took. I feel discouraged by the meal. Hubby and I clean up.

7:00 pm We get kids started on their homework.

7:30 pm I do my Bible Study.

8:30 pm I do another set of physio exercises. Then I have my donut with milk because I was too full to have it after supper. I was the only one to have seconds on the steak.

9:30 pm I warn others that I am going on the computer and here I am!


CS said...

They may not have been wild about the saucy steak, but your lunch sounds very gormet!

I think it's wonderful that you infuse your day with so much Bible study.

Jennia said...

What a wonderful day, Carol. I guess that you carried a small notebook on hand. :P

Carol said...

Always my dear, always
and a calendar!