Friday, April 01, 2005

Commitment to a Safe,Healthy and Respectful Workplace

There is a new Respectful Workplace Policy at work. It is posted everywhere, but until today I had not read it. One of the bullets that caught my attention was that communication should be open and honest.

Many years ago when I was new in the department, one of my co-workers confided to me that she was diagnosed with manic-depression. I don't know if she told this to everybody but I was warmed and intrigued by her openness and honesty.
I did keep my eyes on her for signs of manic or depressive behavior. I noticed that she missed days and at other times she was engaged in what sounded like counselling sessions with the supervisors.
More so,I noticed her joking manner. She likes to shoot elastics at the unsuspecting and dance while she works. She has a wonderfully mischievious face framed by short silver hair.

Often, she will tease me about my quietness. She told me that she used to be shy too and wouldn't say a word. I doubt that but she insists upon it. She says she was eventually able to change to no longer care what people think about her.

This is probably not what management meant by its' policy but it is nice nonetheless.


Jennia said...

I knew two of my classmates in my senior high school were in depression like your co-worker. Aww.. I think that's really a big spiritual test from God to themselves and their close family and friends.

moira said...

Bipolar disorder is a tough one to deal with, especially in severe cases, and not just for the person suffering from it. I'm in the process of writing a short bit on depressive illness; it should be up within the week, hopefully.

Carol said...

Thanks Jennia and Moira for your comments.
Yes, there needs to be a better understanding of mental illnesses. It is often either romanticized or feared.

zeb said...

I was in depression too but I found out I couldn't afford the tuition

Carol said...

Glad to have you back, Jed. Good point, by the way.

Petey said...

Yeah right,
Who cares if I get depressed?