Thursday, April 21, 2005

I Like That I Am

1. a Christian. Actually, I am ecstatic about being a member of His body.
2. married to a good man since 1986. He has a gentle and kind spirit.
3. a Mommy. I enjoy this role of watching out for the family.
4. a good friend.
5. loyal.
6. an introvert.
7. improving at a lot of things
8. such as not to be a perfectionit for example.
9. a Canadian.
10. a writer.
11. getting better at debating.
12. kind.
13. a serious Bible student.
14. learning to deal with my weaknesses.
15. childlike.
16. becoming more focused.
17. intelligent.
18. dealing with life instead of running away.
19. healthy but
20. good to myself when I am sick.
21. willing to listen and understand what others are saying.
22. recuperating quicker from negative thinking.
23. having difficulty overlooking my weaknesses.
24. taking care of my children well.
25. worrying less.
26. observing more.
27. gaining confidence.
28. articulate at times.
29. using my creativity more.
30. a poet.
31. compassionate.
32.enjoying the writing experience.
33. able to let myself have a day off.
34. obsessive about things that are good for me too.
35. learning to think for myself.
36. learning to accept that I make mistakes.
37. humorous sometimes.
38. exercising. I still like Jane Fonda and walking the best.
39. trying.
40. really weird at times.
41. a book collector
42. and a reader of books.
43. learning to appreciate myself.
44. alive
45. and carrying on.
46. native Indian (aboriginal in politically correct terms but it doesn't sound natural to me.)
47. thinking more abstractly.
48. not fat nor compulsively thin anymore.
49. persevering.
50. becoming aware that I have limitations. Some of them might be my own choices too. I can't do everything.
51. a scheduler.
52. prioritizing.
53. a health care worker.
54. dedicated to what I put my hand to.
55. able to see some of my imperfections objectively.
56. insightful.
57. caring of other people's feelings.
58. a motivator to those that don't mind.
59. more able to see outside of myself.
60. able to keep a neat and organized home.
61. a cat person.
62. a seeker of truth. I found where to look for it.
63. a thinker.
64. considerate.
65. learning flexibility.
66. attractive.
67. getting a tad more assertive.
68. honest.
69. recognizing consistency is important.
70. doubtful of myself.
71. used to my progressive lenses!
73. turning to God for help.
74. a film buff.
75. sentimental and nostalgic at times.
76. logical.
77. not living in a war torn country.
78. enjoying a great life.
79. not a giver upper. Although I may sit down for a bit to catch my breath.
80. not above being wrong, although it usually takes awhile to admit it.
81. an overcomer.
82. spiritual.
83. getting better at mingling.
84. able to forgive others
85. including myself, but it takes a little longer.
86. serious.
87. silly.
88. appreciative of what I have been given.
89. artistically inclined.
90. attentive to details, except for spelling and grammar mistakes!
91. a daydreamer.
92. a second hand shopper.
93. a note keeper.
94. able to read my journals back to when I was 13 yrs.
95. able to say that my bestfriend and I have been friends since 1970.
96. able to stay at home for the most part to take care of the homefront. I only work 2 or 3 shifts a week.
97. capable of seeing the meaning underneath the surface.
98. able to write 100 things I like about myself!
99. glad to be in my forties. Life has not felt so good since I was thirteen.
100. looking forward to a happy eternity.


Jennifer said...

I loved this post, Carol! So positive and uplifting!
If I could think of 100 things, I'd do the same, but I am not up to such deep thought today!! :D

zeb said...

102 Have travelled to Europe

zeb said...

101 Am a book reviewer

zeb said...

103 Have attended art college

Happy and Blue said...

This is the best 100 things lists I have ever read..

cuz said...

I could make a list, but most of them would be lies. I like to think that I am better than I really am.

Carol said...

I know that many people think more highly of themselves than they ought but I also know that some really decent people think they are worse than they actually are!
It may be because of perfectionism or a low self esteem. That isn't thinking soberly of oneself either!

moira said...

8. :)
9. Why, specifically?
10. Do you do any other writing outside of journaling and poetry?
11. Would this have anything to do with having kids?
35. Always good.
40. Also good. Weird is fun, and much more interesting. Well, to an extent.
53. What department, specifically? All I know is that you feed Petey on occasion, and while I'm sure that's good for his health, I don't think it's actually in your job description. Also, I am tempted to ask for your opinion on the Health Care system in Canada.
64. Too many people forget civility.
80. I'm not afraid to be wrong, either, but I'm the only one who's allowed to point it out.
89. What media do you work with?
95. I am learning this trust and commitment. What an incredible thing to allow in your life.
102. Really? Where?
103. Tell us more!

Carol said...

Hi Moira,
I think I will address your questions in future blogs.(sometimes I need a prompt) Thanks for asking!

Pearl said...

I like this innovative take on 100 things. It's got a positive focus and is self-affirming. I may have to rewrite mine to do the equivalent.

Thanks for signing my guestbook with such ecouragement.

I'll be back to read more of your writings on my blog rounds.

Carol said...

It will be great to have you visit. Likewise, y'know.

Queen Jaw Jaw said...

I love your 100 things and say kudos to you for putting out nothing but positive thoughts to us all. You're a great example to follow. My best,

Queen JJ

Tabitha Dial said...

Hi Carol.

I found your blog by exploring a blog my friend, who has The Pink Shoe blog, referred to just recently. You were among the list of blogs that person enjoyed...

I liked the title and came here. Then I really liked this entry, so I used it as a prompt for my own blog: Hope you will all visit and maybe comment, too....

Thanks for the great entry idea!

Carol said...

I have to check here more often for comments.

Thanks Queen JJ for your encouraging words.

Tabitha Dial
I am so pleased!

Li said...

Hi Carol!
Loved your visit in my blog, you seem like a very nice person!

You're welcome any time!!!

daily beard said...
-You may call me, Linky. But only you.