Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Blog Survey

I found this interesting questionnaire today. The results will be used by a graduate student at the University of Florida. She needs the survey back by April 15,2005 though so hurry if you want to submit a reply. The link to her request is

I have left out the identifiers here so as to retain my anonymity.
  1. Do you blog? Yes.
  2. What is the name of your blog? A Revision
  3. How long have you been blogging? Feb 19,2005
    Why did you want to start? (What was its' appeal?) I originally wanted to have a book blog about whatever book I was currently reading, to attach to my Book Review web page. After starting, I decided there was more that I wanted to say. One of the appeals is writing to a possible audience.
  4. How often do you update your blog? Daily.
    Are you happy with how often you update? Why or why not? Yes, I look forward to the writing.
  5. How would you classify the people who read your blog? Can you categorize them? (In other words, who do you believe is your audience?) I think that my audience are the spiritual, the thinkers, the poets and the searchers. Also there is an appeal to women and mothers but I hope that everyone from the humorists to the theologians will read.
  6. Do you know any of the people who read you blog personally (or in real life)? Why or why not? If you do know any of them personally why did you choose to meet him or her? I have yet to meet any of the people who read my blog. It seems as though the anonymity creates a polite distance between most bloggers.
  7. Do you keep any other kinds of "journals" besides your blog? Why or why not? I have a personal journal as well but I haven't been writing in it lately. Blogging is just too much fun.
  8. If you keep a "traditional" journal, is there any difference between your online and the pen and paper version? What kind of similarities are there? Differences? Yes there are differences. The pen and paper is not grammatically edited. There is more variety of ideas in my blog. I am more creative in my blogging. My journal is more for problem solving. I can complain, and feel sorry for myself, knowing that this is only a means to the end of getting better. While in my blog I like sharing the answers that I have found from my introspection. The similarity is that the journal is like a rough copy of the inner me while the blog is the more polished version.
  9. Which do you like better, on-line journals or traditional journals? Why? Right at the moment I am really enjoying the blogging experience. I like the more formal writing experience; it is like writing a daily column for me. Also, I like the interaction with fellow bloggers.
  10. What is your language itself like when you blog? Do you edit for spelling errors, capitalization, or grammar? Why or why not? My language is better when I blog. I check for errors as well as I can. I was not aware of how bad my grammar and spelling is.
  11. Do you think it is important to do this? Why or why not? Yes, it is important for me to do this. I want to be a better communicator so this is very helpful to me. As well, blogging has helped me to think positively about myself and my experiences.
  12. What subjects do you write about in your blog? Is there any topic that is off- limits? Why or why not? I write poems and anecdotes from my spiritual and family life. I am not a coarse person.
  13. Is there anything else you think I should know about why blogging is important or about why you blog? It is a great way to meet people from all over the world. I like meeting the inside person.

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